The coach Wally


Hu? his best players do you mean Joe I don't feel like running this week because i strained myself gardening smith? you think Wally is that stupid? easy 2 make plays from your living room! It's not about players it's about attitude! no killer instinct! since the cup win 2 years ago!

I think if the lions lose to Hamilton wally should step down as coach, he is not getting his players motivated at all, i heard in practise too they are standing around jokeing and talking. Bring in a other assisant or something to finish out the year, just like they did in 2000 when thier coach was fired and boratto came in and took them to the grey cup,and won it. wally is playing this season to old fashion.

wally is not the problem the man can get the job done by the way enjoy charlie roberts winnipeg will take joe smith over him anyday

On a side note: ourbomber's with all due respect is a ton of larfs right now. I can play the informant all I want to, simply because, I can't think of a time this so called 'trade' was supposed to happen. If wally thinks Smith is washed up, he hasn't asked Roberts that question either. Things are more clearer now than they were in the past 24 hours before Roberts became a Lion.

Wally Buono is not about collusion within a system he operates his team under. Winnipeg on the other hand is a ceiling waiting to cave in, Roberts got out before it gave in under him.

I swear it's like a living union of steel workers that can't build a bridge if their lives depended on it, yet no one wants to say anything about. Total brutal hypocrisy, no matter how gun shot Taman is. A brainless deal, for a brain dead team in trumoil without BoD's firing an inept president. The wrong people, the right totem pole. . . I'm telling you. Just a joke all around gay parading farce.

Wow you speak so smart and in ways that make people think. Thanks for posting!!! I know exactly what your talking about, because Im crazy too.

Wow total turmoil! Joe needed 2 go! Logen! at least gives 110% Joe well.... if pop can collection was down he did not give it all! skrew him! you live /breath/live/ football in the CFL! IT'S TEAM OR ............. bye Joe you blew it! hope the malls are up 2 your standard in Winnipeg! think the soil is worst out there! well there goes the garden! you had it all and you blew it! Joe I just let you go! now Blow!

Right, I was only posing in this forum with some information worth denoting. All is not well in the organization, within that the entire team in Wpg are well aware that Roberts played himself off the team. It's no secret how bad things were with Roberts here. That's my point.