I was on the CAT forum to wish a few classy Cat fans good luck tonight and i came accross a thread that reads "Let’s put a bounty on Bucks head tonight". I thought maybe this classless assclown was kidding but after i read his posts, he TRULY wants the CATS to injure Buck tonight. Just when we have a good rivalry going, this idiot comes out from who the heck knows where. What an ignorant ass, hoping that a football player gets seriously injured, this poster should be suspended if you ask me!!

But what the heck Buck and the boys are going to blowout the Cats tonight anyway's then the clown can go to sleep crying his little eyeballs out!!

Every team has idiot fans, just the way it goes !

I was browsing around over the course of this week and i can tell you there were quite a few bomber fans that were hoping to see Bruce and Glenn get knocked out of the game this week. So yea, it goes both ways. Just ignore it.

The key word in you post, jordan, is OurBombers. What do you expect from that forum? At EP the chant going is Sack Kevin Glenn!

And the keywords in the 1st post is Cat forums, so what's the difference?

At any rate, I think we can all agree the original of the since poster removed thread has sullied his reputation, and I think we can leave it at that…

The difference is board reputation. Perhaps I was giving Ticat fans too much credit but I thought the reputation of your board was better than OB.

I wasn’t aware of the reputation on ourbombers, so that’s why i brought it up.

But anyways…good luck tonight. :thup:

I am a cat fan and I completly agree that that was classless. In our defense, that was one ignorant pseudo-fan and he was shot down; no one backed him up and several of us expressed our disgust. No real fan would wish injury on those who are enteraining us.

hey, im not the one that was trash talking before the game but ill man up for all bomber fans.

We definately lost to the better teram tonight, I think if we started better, and startedJyles we would have won, but thats just me, btw we can't blame Lapo for this.

I was one of those cheering for Kevin Glenn after he got injured, i'll admit it . He's one of the cockiest guys in the league and always taunts Bomber fans hes one of the guys you love to have on your team when hes performing but you absolutely hate when he plays against you.

Buck Pierce was rushed back in to action too quick IMO, and he had almost no mobility and second guessed his decisions alot, also he really didn't have the velocity on his throws, and didn't quite have the right touch.

Sure we lost, but Kevin Glenn is on the down of his career and Jyles is still going up, Jyles OUTPLAYED GLENN! Glenn had 2 int's and Jyles had a big 0.

I think at this point the Ti Cats are more in sync as a team and are more smooth and always come out playing well, give it a bit of time and i beleive that Jyles will become this years Darian Durant.

The Bombers won the second half by far IMO.

They can have this winn since this might be the last shot at a grey cup hamilton will have for a long time.... (too soon?) :wink:

Glenn deserves everything he gets. Hmm... Hamilton Sakatchewan of east?? Are you serious? is that why the CFL is dying in southern Ontario he only said that because he knew that we wouldnt like it.

I'm sorry but every time your precious QB gets touched we get a flag, but our guys were being sexually assaulted in the endzone and NOTHING, and when hes touched he falls like a leaf as if he was just shot.

OH and i can't forget about how you guys were crying at the beginning of the season about the refs? Now we get the short end and now the refs aren't a problem... give me a break you guys are jokes, only pop your heads out after wins. :roll:

(BTW, I am young enough that i don't remember the Ticats last winning season) :lol:

Hunt lost it, he was screaming at the ref all night that he was being held, and was dragged down from behind on that play where he went low on Glenn. Coaches needed to pull him out for a few series too cool down and didn't, not sure what they were thinking leaving him in as he was piling up the penalties.

I just reread the thread on Bruce and could not find any post where anyone would want to knock out the Cats If anything they were saying Bruce would be hard to cover. However I did find your post and I quote:

"Well i must say he was making the bomber secondary look like a bunch of kids trying to cover him.

Oh wait, Suber already looks like a kid, he's only like 4 feet tall."

Your reference to Suber could be used in this thread No? :lol:

Dear Hamilton Fans,

Please refer to the forum guidelines, and keep your nose clean in other teams’ forums. If you can’t do that, then please stay out of them.

Thanks. I knew you would understand.

That was not me......I do not own an account on that site. I do browse that forum regularly, and i can see why you would make the assumption that it was me who posted it. However you're quite wrong.

Looks like I was wrong so please accept my sincere apologies. Thank you.