The class Of ‘21

What happened in 2019 with backup quarterbacks was phenomenal, and will probably never be duplicated. Again, QB’s are getting injured left and right.
Based on what we’ve seen so far, which backups have impressed the most?
Do any have the potential to make it as a starter?

Maier impressed me the most. Evans looked good and bad, but he’s getting better. I think Schiltz still has a shot at it. He needs more playing time, which he’ll
now get. We’ll know soon enough if he’s got what it takes, or is benched.
He would be my choice...partly because his name has a distinct beer-like quality.


So far I like Maier. He has been better than Bo this year, hands down, statistically and in form.


He seems like a guy who’s played a lot longer than a few games…

Maier almost beat the best team in the league (da Bombers). Only a field goal landing short of the mark saved us from defeat. Nathan Rourke looks like a real keeper in BC. His improvement in Game 1 from the 1st quarter to the last against Saskatchewan was remarkable. I think we’ll see both of them starting for other teams in the next couple of years. :face_with_monocle:


I agree on Rourke as well. I need to see more of him.

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Bummer…hope he’ll be ok, and it doesn’t affect any others in the organization.

Deviating, this is his opportunity to show his game. Very sad.
You still have time to shine. Come back stronger!

Agree 100% about Maier - - he should already be the starter in Calgary.

Maier is definitely the best rookie QB, but I also like the game that Tay Cornelius has. He’s got a very strong arm and has decent accuracy although that needs some improvement. Also has good escapability to make things happen by scrambling.

The novelty act with Nate Rourke will get old really quickly and he’ll be out of the league within three years.

I don’t consider Dane Evans to be a rookie but there’s no question he’s by far the best QB in Hamilton.

Matty Shiltz ranges between mediocre on his best days to God-awful at most other tones. This guy is NOT a pro level starter, but he’s certainly an upgrade over Vern Adams. Which should tell you just how unplayably brutal Adams is.

What about Caleb Evans?

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He’s a poor man’s Johnny Jennings.

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I think there is promise in Evans - - shows what he can do but has shown the rookie mistakes too. Next couple of games will show if he learns form them. Maybe Hodges gets a chance for a showing of sorts and the conversation changes?

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