The City of Edmonton is counting on your Ticats...

Of course your starters won't be playing the whole game, some none at all perhaps. BUT, we really need you to do the business on BC and get the 'W' so that their fate is assured before the Eskimos take the field.

*Privately, I'd rather you guys lost to BC, on the theory that a team fighting for its playoff life will put on a stronger performance and hopefully carry on the win streak, than one who's place is assured and gets lazy....

Don't worry, we're gonna put the hurt on BC for knocking us out of the playoffs last year.

After all, we can't leave the last playoff spot in the oily, raw seal eating hands of Edmonton. :wink:

Probably why you guys drop the ball so much.

Glenn and Bruce should sit this one out. As many backups as possible should play as much as possible.

I'm confident of a TigerCat win, we have to get it together for next week after last weeks crapping.

Since the Eskimos hold their own playoff fate in their hands.. why not just go out and win your game, you won't need us at all

Thats exactly how I feel. Earn your way in rather than backing in.

We have always had a good relationship with the Esks. (Took the great Mr. Lancaster, followed by Danny and Darren). We then gave them Troy Davis for our air apparent (Maas) but unfortunately that did not work out. I am sure the team will do all it can to beat the lions.

Lets not forget they did us that great favour of re writing the Maas contract and gave him 250k/season after we traded for him as to which he also had a damaged shoulder. Gee thanks Eskies. :roll:

Sure you will, Otis. Sure you will... :cry:

Well, Lulay might differ on that. LMAO A disappointment indeed, however!

Now Ray and co. have to set a tone and get the playoff berth on their own effort. If they beat the Riders convincingly tonight, they will have a psychological edge going into the WDSF since the Riders have but in neutral for most of the second half of the season. Keeping starters idling in neutral on the sidelines doesn't necessary relieve that condition.

Oski Wee Wee,