The Circus

Feb 28, March 1-3, March 7-10, March 14-16

It will baste your brains, tickle your tonsils and tune up your funny bone!

A new play by Radha S Menon, The Circus is about sports fans that meet randomly at a Ti-cats game in Hamilton. Katie and Brenda take Katie’s long-lost father on a day-out to his first ever football game, where they encounter a stranger who alters the course of all their lives by opening doors in closed minds.

“Radha weaves a story like an ornate quilt, layering the themes together in unexpected ways that keep you riveted and always looking for the pattern. However, the beauty is that like the stars, there is no pattern. There is no right or wrong. There is no friend or foe, no fair or unfair. There is simply the randomness that life offers.? (Best of Hamilton Theatre 2012, The View)

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