The Charlie Taaffe window -- is it closing?

Hi gang,

The news regarding Don Matthews is somewhat surprising to me, although seeing him on the sideline this year for all the Als games indicated to me that something could have been wrong healthwise -- that is, I found him very passive at times where he usually would be far more into it.

I wish him all the best in his futre endeavours as he is a coaching legned in the league.

Now that there is a 2007 vacancy for the Als HC post, it will be interesting to witness the dynamic on the Charlie Taaffe watch. Since I support Rich Stubler as the next Hamilton HC first and foremost if available, the Taaffe vigil on isn't something I actively engage in. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: He is my number two choice.

If he is Marcel Desjardins's no. 1 choice, how fast is he going to move on this? Taaffe and Popp go back a long way and would certainly be a good fit in Montreal next year. It will be interesting to watch things unfold...

Oski Wee Wee,

If I wanted Taaffe, I'd go after him sooner than later because I have a feeling that later just isn't going to get it done. I think he'd be a good fit in Hamilton. The guy's well connected on both sides of the border, knows the CFL game, is still a relatively young man AND wants to coach in the CFL.

An Argo fan

Absolutely! If they want him, go after him right now, don't drag it out. If they don't want him for some reason, get moving on to the next guy soon.

Who exactly is your top choice? out of interest.

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal if we get Charlie or not. There are a lot of great assistants around the league who would make great head coaches.

How do we know that a deal hasn`t already been struck and they just havent made it public for legal reasons . I dont think Young is going to fool around with the coaching position and wants somebody signed sealed and delivered sooner rather than later .

Taaffe is working at Pitt right now so its not like you can sign him tomorrow.

Sure they can , the deal could be struck and just kept hush hush , happens all the time . How many times have you seen NHL players signed on July 1st . Deals that are pages long done in a matter of hours ??? I think not !!!!

Marcel has already let Charlie Taaffe know we are interested
and he expressed mutual feelings about us AT THAT TIME..

How do you all propose we can 'move fast on him'
to get a jump on Montreal?

We can't wine him and dine him.

It would not be wise to harass him with telephone calls.

He is busy coaching.

Dont worry MONEY is the magic postion for all business deals !!!!

Just what we would need... another knee-jerk reaction DURING the season. I don't think Desjardins will do that.

Gotta agree with the Hab,

I wouldn't doubt at all that some sort of deal isn't already been made. The place for Charlie is in Hamilton, where he can build his own team. :cowboy:

just my two cents worth :cowboy:

According to a TSN article on this, there may not necessarily be a coaching vacancy in Montreal. If you click here to read the article you'll see that team president Larry Smith said that Jim Popp isn't an "interim" coach. It was said that a decision on whether or not Popp will continue to coach the team will be made next month. Whether or not he'll continue to coach will depend on the team's performance. And you know, this just what Smith is saying; I'm not sure how accurate it might be. It may be that the team does not like to think of the coach leading them into the playoffs is interim. And yes I know about Pinball being an "interim" coach when he took over from Etcheverry, but still...

Anyway, I'm sure there are a number of coaches other than Taafe who could do well here. Although Matthews likely won't be here, coaches like Stubler and (Winnipeg's defensive coordinator) Greg Marshall may be considered. And there's also Kent Austin, though I don't want him to fill our vacant OC position. Whatever happens, hopefully the team will take the time to decide who'll be the best available candidate for each coaching position that is or will become vacant.

It is quite possible that Charlie Taaffe could stay in his current post as an offensive assistant at the University of Pittsburgh. In the latest poll at, the Panthers are now ranked 37th in NCAA Division 1A. Their passing offence presently ranks 15th in the nation and their quarterback is now ranked first in NCAA Division 1A.

Taaffe was initially an emergency replacement for an offensive assistant who had major heart surgery. But if Panthers' head coach Dave Wannstedt is satisfied with Taaffe's performance and wants him to return, the Ticats and the Alouettes will be hard pressed to outbid the University of Pittsburgh for his services.

Is it quite posssible that the deal is already done ? What I mean is that Taffe has already signed....

There's also a report on CTV's website that the Alouettes defensive co-ordinator Chris Jones could be a strong contender to replace Don Matthews.
I agree that Charlie Taafe would be a great choice but it seems to me if he is making good bucks there and he wants to eventually go on to the NFL, a move to Hamilton would not be such a good thing for him.
I think the "other" Greg Marshall has to be high on Marcel's list too.
And....wouldn't it be nice if other teams wanted to raid the Tiger Cat coaching staff staff for a change?

...according to the schoolyard rhyme then, there's only one course of action left...