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First of all, last year was last year. Richie Williams is limited and way too conservative. 5-7 yard passes are Maas' forte. Timmy Chang makes plays down the field. Welcome back Timmy!

Right now as #3 Timmy has to Chances.
Porter is Nipping at heals.
Plus Porter did get Much Time show Much
5 Mins at End of the Game.

When Ticats Where Nursing a 2 Point Lead.

I don't think Williams was calling the plays.

Yes, Chang looked good, but it's only one exhibition game.

I really think at the qb position, we are strong, nice! Of course everyone else has to do their part but we have some excellent talent at qb no question. :thup:

You're still on Porters band wagon? The guy is a stiff NFL type qb, I'd be shocked if he survives the next round of cuts.

Timmy is a preseason darling again :lol:

I wish him the best of luck. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…again.

Good job Timmy!

Yeah, Porter's gone.

But he is tall

Hmmm, "stiff NFL qb". Now wasn't DMac that and he didn't do too shabby in the CFL.

That's one example; I'll posit another one from the opposite end of the spectrum.

Mike McMahon.

And that classic NFL prototype Mike Kerrigan.

I hope Porter gets more game time next week just to see what he can do. He throws a nice ball, that interception was a nice tight spiral, just to the wrong guy!

This is unbelievable. You're cutting Porter after FIVE minutes in a PRE-SEASON game. Glad you guys aren't the ones making the decisions.

Chang looked good, but the type of offense we were using is what made him look so good. Williams did NOT call the plays so you can't blame him for the conservative, predictable offense we were running.

Comparing Porter to Kerrigan and Danny? Unbelievable, I've seen the guy play at BC, he's a stiff who is the complete opposite of a gun slinger. He's a tall qb who will only make safe throws and not mobile at all even though he runs a good 40 time, he is stiff in the pocket and he doesn't have great vision down field.

Right now i'd keep Williams at 2 and Chang at 3.

There's a lot more to playing qb than throwing a nice ball. QB's who throw a nice ball are a dime a dozen. good series and he's a hero again...5-9 and 60 yds passing.

Shall we reserve his spot at the HOF?

Seriously, im kinda happy for the guy...he took a lot of grief last year. Lets face it tho...this team is going to go as far as Casey will take them. Im a bit worried for all of the QBs...despite all the changes to the receiving corps, the cats still seem to be week. If Pat Woodcock is going to be your goto guy your in trouble.

At any rate, I know that it is only an exhibition game but 165 yds passing against a mix of 1st and second stringers is a cause for concern.

Gee Drexl, thanks for pointing that out to me. I will watch the game in a whole new way now!

Dang, all those years wasted watching Favre and Marino just cause they threw "Real Pretty"

Good, bad or indifferent it was only their 1st preseason game. If TC's level of confidence needed a boost, good for him and a win at any time is better than a loss. But really, the team just dipped its collective toe in the water last night.

An Argo-Cat fan

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LMAO -- gotta admit, he's a killer in June games! LOL

I hope Timmy continues to do well. One advantage to being a backup in pro football (especially for younger QBs) is that one gets to assimilate game speed through observing it firsthand at field level game after game. It is the one form of imprinting that can gradually eliminate the "deer in the headlights" kind of situation that we witnessed from Timmy in his T.O. debacle last September.

Hopefully he can continue to process that as he progresses. He may never emerge as a star in Canada, but he can certainly become a solid pro if he keeps working at it. Last night was another signpost along that road. We'll see if he can continue that with his next efforts in camp and in the preseason game vs. Toronto.

Oski Wee Wee,

Man als4ever you are a huge Downer.

Each play usually has short, medium and long reads,... if hes passing short we have a problem.

I agree completely about Richie, takes little chances, runs around and throws short... i have never really been too impressed with the guy. I think id rather take my chances with Chang at #2