The Chang Gang?

Taaffe worried Chang is demoralized after starts

So whatever happened to all of the people calling for Timmy Chang?

I hate to say "I told you so" because I personally didn't say it. But I remember a lot of knowledgeable members suggest he had "happy feet" or they were afraid throwing him to the wolves would damage his psyche. And all of the "Time for Chang(e)" squad said that was a load of bull____ and what not as they clamored for Charlie Taaffe to insert Timmy as the starter.

But look where he is now? If Casey Printers didn't get cut from the Chiefs, what a world of hurt the team would be in right now, having Maas tripping over the yard lines and fumbling his way all over the 18 game schedule.

All I have to say is thank the lord the NFL thinks they have enough talent to overlook a solid quarterback like Casey Printers.

And I do hope Timmy bounces back from this, but we all know in professional sports you really have to seize the few opportunities you are given. Unfortunately for Timmy Chang, that door may not open again ...

If there is a silver lining in all of this, it is that Richie Williams gets bumped up the depth chart and the coaching staff can now tailor an offense to Casey and Richie as they are both very mobile quarterbacks who throw well on the run. Ideally that would ease the transition if heaven forbid Casey got hurt in the future. But I am just thinking out loud with that ...

But really, I just had to stick my tongue out at all the impatient fans of the beloved Ticat Nation!


I still love you all ...

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Well, glad that "my underachiever was better than yours" moment is over. LMAO :wink:

The timing $ucked. Many understood it was a risk putting Chang in against a Stubler-run defence. This is news?

Fans don't control the timing on these things. After 5-18, tell me about it.

I support Timmy and hope he gets another opportunity down the road. He clearly isn't CFL-ready by his happy feet, overreaction to phantom pressure, and bad decision-making. Williams deserves to be promoted after his effort on Saturday.

Now that the 1-9 jigging "I told you so's" are out of everyone's system (I would hope), it's time to get behind Casey. It's going to be fun to watch.

Oski Wee Wee,

I think that may be overstating two bad starts, against a very strong defence, by a rookie QB that played about only 5 quarters total.

That's hardly an indication of anything other than a rookie on a bad team being thrown to the wolves.

Chang will be around.

Ya, Russ' neck of the woods.

I think most of the 'Chang Gang' were really the 'Anyone But Maas Gang'. I know personally that I called for Chang to start because he was #2 on the depth chart. Not because of any insight I personally had into his abilities, since I've barely seen him play. If Williams was #2, I would've called for him to start.

I do think it bizarre that people are writing Chang off so quickly based on such little playing time.
Many QB's have stumbled early in their careers only to have great success later and vice versa.
He may have a great CFL career or disappear completely. At this point no one knows.

I hate to say it and would hate to see it, but Casey might bomb in Hamilton. That's the beauty of sports, there are so many little intangibles that nothing is ever a sure thing.

Casey will bomb unless you get some talent to catch his passes or protect his butt.

People wanted a Chang(e) because he was the #2 QB and he was supposedly given that position for a reason, despite being a rookie. Obviously, if the starting QB is failing miserably, then it's time for the back-up to step in. If he wasn't capable of fulfilling the role, he shouldn't have been in the position in the first place. As some people have been saying, I'd rather see the team lose with Chang as QB rather than Maas, and I would still feel that way were it not for the fact that Printers was aquired. (I'd like to see Williams get some starts too.) The fact of the matter is that the season is over, and the remaining games could be used to develop Chang. I thought that the best thing would be to let him play through his mistakes; now he's been dropped to #3 where he can stew in his juices. How's that supposed to improve his confidence.

No doubt he'll be a great QB in this league, but I suppose it won't be with Hamilton after all.

I hate to say "I told you so" because I personally didn't say it. But I remember a lot of knowledgeable members suggest he had "happy feet" or they were afraid throwing him to the wolves would damage his psyche. And all of the "Time for Chang(e)" squad said that was a load of bull____ and what not as they clamored for Charlie Taaffe to insert Timmy as the starter
Ya know...I'm not sure but I think I may just have been the first one to post on Taaffe's " happy feet " poke!!!!

Now does that mean I am a knowledgeable member of this board??????
I do know I felt that way about Chang from day one, and stated it many times!

Hope he shakes it all off cuz I like him and want to see him develope in the Hammer.
Timmy showed great enthusiasm and will to get the ball. Now thats the way a QB ... a Leader show carry himself. ( unlike someone elses big ya know....that O'l chestnut! )
And trust me I'm not saying " I told ya so " cuz its not my style......the odd bit of sarcasm is though :slight_smile: lol

As for being knowledgeable.....well it doesn't matter what other people think of me cuz I know I'm right, and my Mommy likes me!!!!!
I know I know....I have been wrong before.....back in 89 I bought a case of wildcat......

Plus I disagree with Bob's choices now and then and speak my mind as well ( good or bad ) so I know for a fact most on here think I'm full of it!!!!!! oh well :slight_smile:

Now I do love the Cat's and can't wait to get back to my seats on the 15th. ( its bad footbal....but its still football....).
That.....and they paid to much for Printers !!! lol


Don't worry, there's just some people on here who can't stand the fact that they were proven wrong about Maas. Fact of the matter is that the team's better off without him.

I'm sorry ALS4EVER did you say Casey is going to throw bombs and kick your butt? I couldn't agree more. You are an absolute Norman Einstein! ha

I still think he kicked sand on you one day at the beach.

Understand that Charles Atlas could still throw a 20-yard out ON A ROPE. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I understand Charles Atlas wasn't obsessed with one issue either.

Dynamic tension indeed. LMAO

Until one snaps...

Neighbour: "I just can't understand it. I don't know how he could do such a thing. He is such a nice man...quiet...polite. Although, he couldn't seem to have a conversation without bringing up that Jason Maas guy."


 Those of us who wanted Chang to start....wanted just that. To start. We did not say he was a saviour. We did not want him to be kept in if he too was un-productive. A year and a half of Maas was way too long and Chang was the #2. Who in their right mind would NOT have wanted Chang to start weeks ago? So he started...and was a disaster. Enter Printers and Willams. I called for a new starter to be brought in earlier in the season and was pilloried by some posters who thought we would never find one. Well we did. 

The universe is unfolding as it should. :wink:

I'm still in the Chang Gang.
I still think Chang would do better in games played that's not against the Argos.

I decided to compile some stats from this year(includes preseason). Something very interesting came out of it.

This is Chang's stats against the Argos this year:
23-of-53 for 201 yards, 0 touchdowns and 6 interceptions with a QB rating of 63.5

This is Chang's stats against the rest of the league:
24-of-46 for 468 yards, 3 touchdowns and only 1 interception for a QB rating of 140.9

As with will all stats, they must be put into context.

two things jump out here:

1)Argos: starting, and against a great defence

2)Rest of the league: Back up duty, usually garbage time against weaker defeneces playing some prevent no doubt.

I said all along that Williams and Chang had to play sooner rather than later or another season of developing a QB would be wasted and we'd be in the same position as we've been in for the past 3 seasons with no QB at all and no idea if we have a backup that can step forward as a starter or if we need to look for someone else. I stand by that 100% and still believe a platoon was the way to achieve that.