The challenge has gone too far

This is getting ridiculous. The refs have lost control of the game as a whole. The game is now run by the stadium replay screen and some guy in an office in Toronto. It's not even football to me.

And half the time they still get it wrong

All in all the game was called pretty clean...
The Command Centre did not screw up...that I saw.
Doesn't change my mind on the fact "changes" need to be made big-time.
But I do give the field crew and the Centre a passing grade on this game.

They didn’t increase the number of challenges a team could call… just what they could use them on.

The only possible screw up I saw was when the Calgary receiver stopped and changed direction, and ended up running into the Ottawa defender, who by that point was pretty much standing still. I'd love to ask the on-field official what he thought about the contact. My guess is that he deemed it not pass interference based on the following clause of the rule:

(i) Eligible receivers of both teams have an equal right to the ball and [b]are entitled to the positions they occupy[/b].

That call, in my opinion was one of two screw ups in the night. Not only did the receiver initiate contact, the ball was thrown in a position where it would have been uncatchable. The second was a bogus PI call that got Calgary close to a touchdown as I didn't seem anything on the replay to warrant PI.

Thankfully, the team who suffered both calls ended up winning, but still.

I'd be very happy to see the elimination of the yellow flags.

They should keep automatic review of turnovers, especially fumbles where it is hard to determine whether a knee touched before the ball came out. We should allow the review of plays where the camera can give us a definite yes or no, such as whether or not a receiver had a foot in bounds, or whether a ball crossed the goal line. Those reviews can be initiated by the refs, not the coaches.

Reviews of "judgement decisions" should be eliminated. All they do is move the decision from the judgement of the ref on the field to the judgement of an official in the replay booth. It is still a judgement call, and there will still be controversy of whether or not the right call was made.

Let's hand control of the game back to the refs.

Great suggestions Breeze!