The CFL's "THIS IS OUR LEAGUE" video!!!

After seeing this video again it reminds me, no matter what the Ticats record is this year. This is OUR league, our game, it's Canadian and I'm proud to be a fan!!!

We as Canadians have something very special!

The red maple leaf branded in my heart just grew 100% and that heart is pounding with CFL and Tiger pride.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Here's the link:


Does anybody know if the cats will post the "small town" video. That was awesome too!

I don't think they will post that ..

Jare, I couldn't agrre with you more. HAPPY CANADA DAY everybody!!!!!!!

Well said! 100%%%% bang on, and puts it all in perspective

Yeah, that video gave me goose bumps!


Hey I am about as mad and frustrated as any other tiger-cat fan ,but after that video plays it makes you glad that we have a team to watch.. It makes us proud to be Canadian and it can bring tears to ones eyes for even the hardest of hearts...Thanks for the memories and I love my Tiger-Cats and I love my CFL

PS..Make sure all of your friends see this video and get behind your cats

It's one of the best promo videos I've seen for anything in a long time

Peter1 said it right. Even sitting through a frustrating game like the one Thursday night is better than not having a team to watch. I hope we turn this around before it becomes an issue whether the team will stay or not. My buddy from Ottawa comes to several Tiger Cat games a year, because he has no longer a team of his own, and keeps reminding me how sad it is.

Even as a cynical person used to being stuffed with hours and hours of brand-selling media, I too thought the video was amazing. One of the many phenomenal things about a league as accessible and honest as the CFL is the real understanding of what football here in Canada means, at every level from the fans to the commissioner and all the guys (and girls) in head office.

That's why it struck such a chord with the crowd- even if our Cats are going nowhere fast again, we have a true Canadian league like no other and a team to fill Ivor Wynne, even if (for good reason) it's never quite full.

With all the faux hype about the NFL hitting up Toronto, it's great to see this sort of support for OUR league.

I thought this was one of the best ads I’ve seen in a long time…for any product.

Really, really well done. Award winning for sure.

Made me proud to be a fan of this league.

Amen to that eh!

It's pretty damned awesome!

I've watched it three more times since my posting.

I'm going to make it a point a game day before heading out to the tailgate.

They should play it after player announcements and ask everyone's attention be directed to the screen.

I want the players to see this, to give them and idea of where this league comes from.


Pretty good propaganda.

I especially like Forbidden Website Director Will the Thrill shaking his "LCF" flag at the 2003 Grey Cup in Regina.

He almost looks like French guy, and I know he was souped up with Grey Cup Nectar.