The CFL's season second half: A look ahead!

I believe the most interesting story line will be how the Riders react and play under their new GM, Eric Tillman. A lot of these guys could have their jobs on the line, and more than likely quite a few will be gone after the season is done. Its a question of who stays and who goes-- how many players we lose to free agency and what kind of players we sign to replace them. Our Canadian talent definitely has to be upgraded-especially at receiver. We shall see how many guys want to remain a Rider, and see who wants to move on, with their play over the next 9 games.


Here's my predictions and standings for the end of the season.


1- BC Lions (11-7)
2- Calgary Stampeders (10-8 )
3- Edmonton Eskimos (8-10) -- Edmonton wins season series --
4- Saskatchewan Roughriders (8-10)


1- Montreal Allouettes (12-6)
2- Winnipeg Blue Bombers (10-8 )
3- Toronto Argonauts (9-9)
4- Hamilton Ti-Cats (7-11)

It cant finish that way
You have 3 wins too many(and 3 loses too few)