The CFL's reception in Moncton

But the Riders have had years of proven fan support and tradition...........and they have solid ownership and Sask has had a booming high tech industry, and other industry such as the phosphate and potash (Mosaic) and access to corporate sponsorship.

Let's get Hamilton and Toronto on track first before we even think about the Maritimes.
It's great to stage a game outside of the CFL cities once in awhile but we just can't expand yet.

Cohon always says expansion happens if the stadium, rich ownership, and corporate partners are check marks. if a month from now the mayor of moncton says "hey, we're expanding the stadium to 25,000, province is on board, and you'll be getting a call from the Irving, McCain, or Sobeys family about a franchise opportunity", you can bet Cohon is answering that call regardless of how hamilton/toronto are faring.