The CFL's reception in Moncton

An example of how the CFL game in Moncton is being received by the locals. This is from the Toronto Sun. I read similar reports for the Esks too so it should be a great game on Sunday and it augers well for an expansion team down East someday. If you're interested, just Google Monction + either team.

An Argo-Cat fan

MONCTON — Byron Parker had a singular thought as he and his Argonauts teammates walked into the arrivals area at the Greater Moncton International Airport late on Tuesday night.

“It felt like I was one of the Beatles or something,? the Argos cornerback said.

No doubt the other Argos felt the same way, as their five-day stint as the official home team here for Touchdown Atlantic began when they were greeted by wildly cheering high school football teams from the area, dancers, musicians and football fans in general. They’re calling them the Moncton Argonauts, and the Boatmen want to give it right back.

Soon after the Argos started practising on Wednesday at Rocky Stone Field, the stands filled with members of local high school football teams. A lengthy autograph session followed.

“It’s awesome,? said 16-year-old Dave Boulay, a slotback for the Harrison Trimble High School Trojans. “This is what you look forward to in Canada, is playing in the CFL. When I see it out here, in person, it’s inspiring.?

And while the visit by the Argos and Edmonton Eskimos might begin the groundswell of support that could one day bring a Canadian Football League expansion team here, the Argos know that sliding into the community only will help. Having the high school players in attendance on Wednesday, the Argos figured, was a bonus.

“We’ll show that the accessibility is a huge draw for the CFL,? safety Willie Pile said. “If we show good in the game, (expansion) can be a possibility.

“The goal is to come out and give them a glimpse into what it can be like when you put your heart into it and work hard. Everybody on this field has been where they are.

“Most people only see the game days. They don’t see the pain that comes during the week, the yelling from coaches, the constant meetings. We want to let them into our world so they can see that this is a job, but a fun and rewarding job.?

The official party gets underway on Thursday, with street bashes and other festivities.

But the airport entrance was one the Argos won’t forget soon.

“It woke everybody up,? Pile said. “We got in, and I’m thinking, ‘Geez, 11 o’clock,’ but to hear the band and everyone screaming, it felt like a Bowl game, like we were coming into a Grey Cup.?

That's a really great story, BF. You know you're starved for real football when you'll cheer like that for the blue team though lol.

There has been a few stories on the local CBC news, the one I got a kick out of was where the Eskimos went to PEI for lobster dinner. It seemed it was the first time they had ever seen lobster, don't get much call for that sort of thing in Alberta I guess.The other big story was that the Uteck Bowl is going to be in Moncton in 2011, great football news!

Imagine Grey Cup in the Maritimes!

Ockham, Grey Cup in the Maritimes. That would be the biggest Kitchen Party in history! Glad the teams are getting a wonderful "down home" reception, would expect nothing less. Hope it is a good game for the fans.

Hmmm Grey Cup game in Moncton, break out the MOOSEHEAD PALE ALE bring your guitars and fiddles and let's PARTY!!!!!!!!! about "rub it in" :roll: We were going until 2 weeks ago...had tickets, reservations, everything set! We were going to spend 8 days. 2 to drive out with 4 in Moncton and a side trip one day to Charlottetown.

Halifax a few years ago was GREAT! Moncton seems to be as good if not better and a Grey Cup out there would be HUGE!

Woody, BUMMER! That would have been a good trip for sure boy.

But have they sold all the tickets??? It seems that the fans are enthusiastic but how many?
I would have thought that a good indicator of CFLsupport for the game in Moncton would have been a sell out soon after they announced it. But there were still plenty of seats available last week when I checked.

Did the game not sell out in 24 hours?

Sold out long ago

Don't mind mikem. He never is informed.

20,000 tickets sold in 34 hours rendering td Atlantic a sell-out.

We have to get a team out there, I'd be great with the TigerCats and Bob there if it doesn't work out here in Hamilton, honestly.

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TD Atlantic 2: Hamilton vs Calgary ?

That would be too cool for a Cats fan in the Maritimes. :thup: I heard someone saying they wanted to get each team to Moncton once over 4 years and then .... just maybe ..... possibly .... EXPANSION

I know it's dreaming, but you have to Dream a little... :cowboy:

Not to promote an enemys web site, but they have a picture gallery on the Eskimos website for Touchdown Atlantic. The ones of them going for a lobster supper are pretty funny.

Everyone in town has been amazed at how accessible the players have been. Hanging around signing autographs, having a catch with kids watching practise etc. First rate job done but both teams so far promoting the CFL. Just imagine how good it would be if the Cats were in town. :lol:

Once again, an East coast team will come down to someone with $$ and the vision, building a stadium. It may be a joint effort with a university or municipality or ????? but it'll require someone with vision to step forward.

I hope it happens in my lifetime.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yes you are right I'll take that back but...................

I hate to be negative about this again but the CFL could never happen in Moncton or Halifax. It is nice to have a game once every few years in the Maritimes but nothing will ever come of it.

Hamilton and Toronto both have a long tradition of CFL football over 100 years. Both teams have a population of over 6 million people to draw from. Both teams have access to huge potential of advertising and corporate support. Hundreds of thousands of businesses in the area. Both teams do have around 15,000 loyal fans.
Yet the Argos and Ticats are struggling at the box office and just can’t draw enough fans to be succesful.

So how does Moncton with a very small population base with no known CFL support, no access to corporate sponsorship or advertising dollars and no rich owners or anyone that has expressed interest in owning a team in Moncton.

Just doesn’t make sense that a CFL team would locate there, or anywhere else in Canada right now? The CFL will struggle to keep 9 teams on the field and it is likely that we will have an 8 team league for many many years. Enjoy the 8 team league and let's get Hamilton and Toronto successful.

Regina: 205,000
Saskatoon: 202,340

Halifax: 370,000
Moncton: 125,000

The idea is for the Maritimes team to become regional like the Riders.

Huh. The Touchdown Atlantic game just got a mention on the Weather Network. I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've heard anything about the CFL there.