The CFLPA Announces New Executive Team

CFLPA Announces New Executive Team

Niagara Falls – The Player Representatives of the CFL Players’ Association met March 1, 2018 at their 2018 Annual General Meeting and elected their 2018-2019 Executive Committee.

We are proud to announce that incumbent Jeff Keeping has been re-elected as President of the CFLPA. 1st Vice-President Marwan Hage was elected to remain in his role as 1st VP. There are two new members voted to the Executive with the addition of BC Lions’ Solomon Elimimian as the 2nd Vice President, and Rolly Lumbala as the 3rd Vice President. Peter Dyakowski of the Saskatchewan Roughriders has also been re-elected as Treasurer of the CFLPA. The Player Representatives and the CFLPA Executive Committee would like to acknowledge and thank both Keon Raymond and Josh Bourke for their years of dedicated service.

The Association has retained General Counsel Art Vertlieb Q.C, Senior Advisor Ken Georgetti and Legal Counsel Don Eady of the firm Parliare Rolland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP.

Once again…the exec is certainly loaded with the traditionally highest paid group outside of QB…Canadian O-line guys. I’m hopeful that the lowly paid American players have a voice. I’d love to see the CFL become a league where great players come to embrace and stay regardless of passport. But its difficult I know with such a low cap. and lets be honest what American wants to get involved with the potential career threatening reality that union involvement can have in this a foreign country to them. Most want a decent salary and a quick window to the NFL and home soil.

The incomparable George Reed was once the president of the CFLPA. Mr. Reed took the job seriously as well, acknowledging the relationship between the players and the paying customers. He demanded a level of conduct from the players he represented, that each be a role model for Canadian citizens. Is Jeff Keeping Reed's equal?

Hopefully they can get their people a better CBA than the pack of mopes who "negotiated" the last one.