The CFL/XFL solution: A MLB-style NL/AL rule system?

Hey every one! A new user here...

I was thinking that if the CFL and the XFL were to play games, perhaps they should follow the MLB as an example. The XFL play by CFL rules in CFL home games and the CFL plays by XFL rules during XFL home games... Like National League and American League in the MLB...

Is this a crazy thought? Just wanted to put it out there..


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The issue I think is the differences are too many if we're not changing the XFL or CFL rules. Aside from people making ridiculous in-game mistakes (is this game 3 downs or 4 downs; whoops) and players and coaches now having to have two different playbooks, 4 downs and a less wide field just call for a different type of athlete than 3 downs and wider. It would be pure chaos.

The only way forward for a merger, in my opinion, is to decide upon one ruleset.


But its not a merger so......... :wink:

I agree. If there's going to be a merger there has to be a common set of rules. You might be able to get away with nuances like field dimensions, but things like number of downs, number of players, rouge or no rouge, etc. need to be common.

The one thing I would like to see, though, is the ratio being enforced depending on where the game is being played. If the game is in Canada, both teams play x number of Canadians. If the game is in the U.S., it's optional. To me, it maintains Canadians playing football while again having everybody follow the same rules.

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I like and have posted the inter change of rules when playing interlocking games. It's not rocket science and I suggest that each team play 2 such games so that teams would face this "chaos" once/yr.

Be appointment TV for me. But I want the Canadian teams respect the ratio wherever they play

Heck if I know, I'm just a civilian now.

It'd be embarrassing, dude. It'd be like 40% higher penalties and missed throws and messed up routes. Maybe I'm wrong - I never played the game, just worked in the office - but I don't think so.

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I know.....I am just waiting for the league to use the word merger before I think about rule changes and inter-league games

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That's why they have training courses, camps, pre-season games.
You think that teams would show up and play without knowing the rules, or having daily practices for a month or pre-season games?
It's not rocket science, it's slightly different rules. Every year NFL cuts make their way to the CFL in September and a lot of them are starting straight away.

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We could do it the same way the CFL - NFL Exhibition games in the sixties did it. One year in Canada CFL rules 2nd year In the states Nfl rules. Easy Peasy lemon squeezy.

Or we could accept that fact that they are not merging so there is no need to change the rules


I see it more like they Run NASCAR which has Cup , Xfinity,Truck and ARCA, they run four series sometimes on the same track sometimes not. They even have their Pinty's Series in Canada.

Why could RedBird not run XFL and CFL separately but together and whatever other league in the future? and just like in NASCAR you could have owners that own multiple teams Maybe Bob Young could own the Tiger-Cats as well as the Charlestown Cat-Tigers... (if he reads this, I'm in trouble) :wink:

Thank God it’s a moot point. Football is the best sport, and I don’t begrudge any league, but the Canadian game is best left to its own devices. And rules.
The only imports we need are the players. And maybe some Heineken for the
box-seat crowd.

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Why does redbird have to run the CFL?
You do know that the XFL owns each and every team?
Are they going to buy out every CFL owner?
Remember the uproar(at first) when one owner owned BC and Toronto?
You think its going to be ok for one owner to own half the league's teams?
Its a partnership not a merger, just like the partnership with Europe and Mexico

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We don't know if they want to own all teams or no teams or some teams... Right now as far as I'm concerned they've bought a "Brand". Just like buying Hilfiger or UnderArmor...

Like you I don't see a merger but I can see how there may be some changes. The league can't keep treading water like they have. They need new management, access to funds, new revenues and some kind of growth plan.

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Agreed but my point is that based on that, redbird would have to either buy every CFL team or sell every XFL team
If they sell every team then they dont own the league
If they buy every CFL team there is no reason for the CFL to merge

As for treading water

The XFL is leading
2 Bankruptcy to 0

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Well you could have Redbird hold franchises like the league did last year with Montreal. Or they could setup expansion teams and run them for the first couple seasons.

So owning all or none at all. I don't agree. NASCAR owns the Series and not the teams. In the case of Reb Bird they would have one better as the league would own the trademarks. This is the case in the CFL now. You can't leave with the Alouettes. You can throw away the keys at the league like the Wetenhall familiy did but you can't hold the league ransom or take the team to another league :).

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Sure but that one one team and it was with the understand that the Als would be sold ASAP hardly the same as the league owning half the teams

Think about it.....why would I get into a merger with a group that would win every vote?
It really makes no sense for the CFL to do it, and yes I know you agree....this is for all those who think the rock is going to be the saviour

I don't see a merger, never have RO. The most I could see come of this is either a Management contract or possibly an investment stake with the league property as collateral.


Me either....As far as I am concerned the the XFL needs the CFL not the other way around

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The only solution to the CFL/XFL "talks" is the XFL plays 3 down football with CFL rules. No hybrid rules, no silly XFL rules like no point after a TD only football scrimmages on the 2, 5 and 10 yards for added points, or the 2 passes allowed on a single play and that Gawd awful shorten kickoff formation.

Red Bird has to realize that 4 down football in the Spring is a failure. It has to play a game that is different from what the NFL and NCAA play. Playing CFL rules is that solution if they want to survive in their next reboot.

The CFL can help, but the CFL call the shots. If the XFL wants to take a shortcut into existence, they have to compensate the CFL for the privilege

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