The CFL: What a mess

I am hearing the CFL is telling the players to go find other jobs. SpeedyB has opted out and Breaux is thinking of retiring. We need Randy and others like Pinbal, Wally Buano, Hufnagel, TSN , THE CFLPAl and owners like Bob Young and the Federal gov't and provincial govt's to step up and do something real fast to start training camps and create a 9 game schedule not 6.. This is turning all the players and fans off as it is looking so Mickey Mouse . Randy get you but in gear and get other people and businesses involved to helo and take the bull by the horns and get the players to the hub city winnipeg to start training camp. If it were me id have the games in a dome with colder weather coming maybe vancouver...let's contact Randy on twitter and through the CFL to light a fire under his butt


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To begin with, the topic was merely reiterating the same topic in past threads.

Then, it got hijacked way off topic.

Then, it got political.

Then, it devolved into personal attacks.

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