The CFL West Final GDT

This has to have its own thread. I have been beating the “This is the year” drum since game 1. There have been some shakey moments but here we go the step before the big one. Go Blue !

I’m confident of this one.


It’s the other game where I have my doubts.


I thought we would squeak by the Stamps and win big today but I will take 2 big wins. I am not super confident for the GC but I’m sure I will get swept along as the time comes.

So pumped & nervous…I just don’t want to get too excited & hurt again!

Also please refs, call a fair game!

I have to be honest. The last time I ever felt this way was 1984. I had no doubt we would win back then too.

That was the “Brock Busters” game, right?

I can remember my grade 6 teacher had a computer print out paper banner all around the room with Brock Busters.
88 was vs BC, I remember Gray intercepting the ball in the endzone to seal the win.
90 was a blast butt kicking the Esks!

Man, its been way too long…a whole generation that has no idea what its like to win a championship.



Prophecy! We’re going back baby!

20 years vs 30 years…we need it more!

I just aged about 10 years

Our D is the best, bar none.

It’s a tall order to win next week but we can do it. Hamilton is a VERY good team.

Congrats to BB fans and to the org.

Really glad you kept the faith

Consistency is a beautiful thing.

Gotta shutdown Speedy B.

Hamilton needs to worry about US.

Congrats Bombers. Was a great game, pretty nice day and lots of fun with the Bomber fans that were there yesterday. Good luck in the cup.

I just read on a betting site that he’s questionable. (Bombers are +3.5 points). That would be amazing if he’s hurt.

I’d rather he be healthy. It’s always sweeter to beat a team at its best.