The CFL vs the NFL Attendance

Do you know that with respect to the percentage of population who attend the NFL in the USA is equal to the % population that attend CFL games. If readers want more information, it will be found in the Attendance section of the Montreal Alouettes section of the Forum.
The Economist, June 7-13 2014.

Error The heading should read The CFL vs the NFL Attendance. My regrets for this error. Both countries draw the same percentage of their population- 5.5%. We`re supporting our football teams at the same degree that the USA is doing.

Wouldn't this statistic be skewed in favour of the CFL?
Stadium capacity has a lot to do with keeping the NFL numbers lower than demand might dictate.
After all, after a certain seating capacity, watching a game live becomes pointless as one is too far away from the playing field to see the game well.

Yea, the comparisons of population are shot down when you bring in the GTA - 6 Million population yet 18k or so attendance for the Argos. Or the Riders with the smallest population base with the highest attendance.
Or the Green Bay Packers with the lowest population base in the NFL but over 60k average
How about comparing metro populations to sports attendance it's more meaningful

In other words your stat is NONSENSE

and approx. half of NFL teams sellout regularly, some with long standing waiting lists for tickets, while demand/popularity in some cities (e.g. NE, Denver, GB, Dallas, IND, Seattle etc) is so rabid, 100,000 seat capacity stadiums could be filled if available.

most NFL teams could not attract over capacity so you are all wrong.... there are only 2 teams with long waiting list with obvious reasons.

If a team like New York Giants had any bigger stadium it would look empty. They have struggles filling it now. Miami is about 30% full in most games.

not sure where you get your figures from, but the Giants averaged 80,148 (97.1 % capacity) this past season with Miami at 64,319 average (85.5% capacity)

and there are 9 NFL teams that actually surpassed stadium capacity like; Dallas (110%) Green Bay (106.9%) Indianapolis (104.7%) Chicago (101.4%) Denver (101%) Houston (100.9%) Baltimore (100.2%) Philadelphia (102.3%) Seattle (101.8%)

It would stand to reason that at least some NFL teams could draw more fans with larger stadiums.

Would those be the same New York Giants who have over 100,000 names on their season ticket wait list you are talking about there Beach?

What is your cut-off for your use of the word 'long' when referring to wait lists. Which of these teams are the TWO you say have long wait lists.

Are you talking about the 105,000 on Green Bay's list, or the 8,000 name approximately 12 year wait for Bears season tickets in Chicago, or the 40,000+ names and over 10 year wait for Broncos season tickets in Denver, or is it the 60,000+ on the Patriots list in New England, or how about the 80,000 name approximately 30 year wait for Steelers season tickets, or 40,000 name 30+ year Eagles wait list or ten year plus wait lists for teams like Seattle, Tennessee and Washington.

Which of those are your TWO?

I could go on.

The New York Giants have had troubles selling tickets in New York for the last 15 years.... you guys don't know what you are talking about.

About 15,000 season ticket holders cancelled when moving into the new stadium after they were asked to pay ridiculous amount of PSL's for season tickets.

You all obviously don't pay attention to NY news as last 2 seasons they had about 15,000 tickets unsold for 5 games....

San Diego only had 60% capacity the last 5 years or so. The team had to buy the rest of the tickets to meet blackout policy. I believe Atlanta and Oakland are the others.

Wrong yet again beach. Check out TicketMaster where Individual tickets for the Giants went on sale June 11 and for 3 of their games already the only tickets left are on the resale market. Of the other games there are only hundreds (not thousands) of seats left from the team itself. The rest are all sold. Yes for ssome games lots of tickets are for sale on th resell market - some of those on the ticket exchange service that the Giants provide seat license holders - much like the Leafs provide for their seat license holders. But as far as the team and NFL are concerned - they've been paid because the tickets are sold and the team has the money.

Besides something tells me the Giants would not be ranked as the tenth most valuable sports franchise on the planet - as they were in yesterdays' Forbes report - if they were having trouble selling tickets.

But I'm glad that the CFL is not in that league in terms of demand and pricing and seat licensing because I like the fact that you can buy tickets directly from the teams at reasonable prices and not have to pay crazy seat license fees or marked up prices on resale sites the way you have to do for many stadiums in the NFL if you want to go to a game there.

Why do we have these stupid threads comparing the CFL to the NFL . The CFL is not even in the same universe as the nfl. Tom Brady's signing bonus dwarfs the leagues entire payroll . Just enjoy our game and all the history , tradition and passion our game has.

Totally agree. The CFL is the sixth most average attended sport in the World. Enough already.

A single game ticket for the New York Jets is $100 more PER GAME than I paid for my season tickets for roughly the same seat.

You’re comparing an apple to a truckload of oranges.

Actually whoever said throw Toronto and their 5 million (not six) out the window.

Thats half the size of every NFL territory which is ten million, even for the green bay packers its ten million

OK - have to ask. How does Green Bay have an area of 10 million when the entire state of Wisconsin is only 5.7 million and yet you say Toronto has only 5.5 million when in the GTA alone there are 6.3 million people?

There’s several markets in the US that the NFL struggles in, but there’s also more than a few that are extremely strong. It’s not a good comparison to the CFL. The NFL in some markets is to what the NHL is in most Canadian markets.