The CFL the most unsuccessful sport league in the World?

I’m sure in places like Toronto and Seattle where people wave their scarves and all that, more of the camera work will be on the fans rather than what is actually happening on the field, seriously.

It depends how its measured. Sure, we don't have the reputation outside of Canada, or multi-million dollar contracted players, but the fans love it and its been around for ages. 2/4 as far as that goes. True, its a long way from perfect, but even further away from the worst in the world.

Never mind MLS - Melnyk's NHL is probably right up there on the most unsuccessful sport league in the world list by some measures. By some accounts, the NHL has 10 teams subsiding the other 20. Suggestion is that the whole thing is propped up because if franchises start folding all over the US, the overinflated valuations on ALL franchises will drop like a stone. Sounds like the makings of a classic "bubble" to me, and we know what happens when bubbles pop.

Will Melnyk go looking for a gov't bailout like his predeccesor in Ottawa, Bryden? If I was Ottawa City Council, I wouldn't be betting on a dude facing legal problems related to Biovail, whose primary sports asset is in a league propped up by a handful of franchises, and who is asking for money to house a team in an unproven league whose primary asset is a celebrity part-time player.

The CFL isn't exactly a license to print money, but then it isn't pretending to be anything it isn't either.

Actually there is a ratio. All soccer countries have a form of an import/non-domestic ratio that they must follow. Here are the MLS regulations:

MLS is very bush league and will likely fold within a decade.

In my opinion soccer is a kids game.

I'd play the humble/national card if I'm the CFL. If MLS is so big and so successful why does Melnyk need tax payers to pay for his toy? Do you see the Leafs or Habs asking for tax payer handouts? Raptors ask for handouts? As a tax payer. I think these types of facilities should be owned by the municipalities or provinces and should be multi-use.

Oh I almost forgot, he hasn't even got an MLS franchise.

MLS isn't a success, its living off of expansion fees. That won't go on for very long, even if they keep expanding, the pie of expansions money gets smaller as they # of teams sharing those gets smaller.

One bad year with no expansion takers and all of a sudden owners put up teams for sale for half the franchise fees and the whole castle of cards comes down. Really the only area they have been successful at is collecting expansion fees.

235 000 viewers for the entire US about the same numbers Alouettes French broadcast figures ! Wow ! How impressive !

ROFLMAO Minor League Soccer

One good benefit for the Ottawa area is that when Melnyk does get a soccer franchise the players will become quite well connected politically since they should meet alot of politicians as they increase the demand for ACTING lessons so they can fake those injuries.

I wisk Melnyk well in his quest but he has the wherewithall I am sure to get the entirety of it funded personally (and through his contacts) and leave city council out of the equation besides for rubber stamping it. I wish "the BOB" would do the same for the $$$ above what we get for the PanAM games and leave our city council out of it. That way he could hopefully get more control of the venue and run it like a real business where they could bring desireable acts into town. It would be neat listening to a concert as the sun goes down on the Bayfront. At least our council agreed to fund up to the 15K stadium :>))) with only a couple of dissenters.

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Ah SOCCER! The simple game for simple minds.WHO CARES? We've seen this movie before and it always turns out the same. Dull scoreless games,low attendance and no television contract because North Americans prefer to watch action sports. The philosopher,Homer Simpson, summed it up best. BOOOOOORING!!!

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