The CFL stats pages needs an overhaul

I was informed at the beginning of the season from CFL that the stats would be drasticlly improved. On a fan note, I am in a CFL draft with 20 other guys and we sign and release players weekly. It has been tough all year because the CFL doesn't update their team or league stats until about 3 days after the games have been played.

For example this week, week 16 the stats have not been updated and its almost been 7 days. This is tough as a fan in this draft but also very unprofessional. I have emailed them every day this week and have had no response.

I also looked at the stats pages and was amazed at how easy the stats are done and how updated (daily) they are. The nhl also does the season compliation for you, but in the CFL you have to do it yourself from week 1.

I hope that someone in the CFL sees this post. I just want to help the league as I'm a huge fan and belong to a huge fan base of CFL lovers. If the league needs help with the stats I'll even work for nothing and have great work experience in computers.

I hear ya! I was told last year that "major improvements" were going to be made to the history and roster pages. So far, not so good.

It's pretty tough (re: impossible) to find any CFL stats/rosters pre-1999 anywhere on the 'net. When I was a teenager in the early 90s, I really got into the CFL. Nowadays I can't find anything to help me find out more about the players from back then. Today's rosters are easy to find, so yes I applaud the CFL there, but not having anything beyond 1999 is quite lacklustre.

I certainly hope they can get a handle on these things.

ATTN Stats people:

Can you please post when the stats for week 17 will be updated? I tried sending an email to the stats guys and league feedback this morning but no response.