The CFL should sue the XFL for copyright infringement when the Dallas Renegades logo looks like the old Ottawa Renegades logo and team name

Seriously. why doesn't the CFL sue Dwayne Johnson's XFL over copyright infringement of the old Ottawa Renegades name and logo.

The NFL is suing Johnson's XFL over the Houston Roughnecks' logo in comparison to the old Houston Oilers logo. The NFL can be a bully. It sued the CFL over the name "Colts" over twenty-five years ago. The CFL gave in and went with "Stallions" instead.

The CFL should do something to protect their brands, even if they are dormant. It calls itself the second biggest football league in the world, the CFL should start acting like it.

I like the Rock, but this is business and his league is a competitor. The CFL would have a stronger case than the NFL has because the XFL is infringing on both the defunct Ottawa logo and name.

Thoughts anyone?


why sue over a logo that need never be used again in CFL?

It's about protecting the league's brand and image. To stop any further incursions in the future. The NFL is suing the XFL on that very premise. The NFL is suing because of the similar look of the old Houston Oiler logo with the oil derrick to the current XFL oil derrick design.

The XFL Renegade logo and name looks like the old Ottawa Renegades. Both have a masked individual with a cowboy hat on.

The CFL could sue for a stop and desist order rather than punitive damages

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Is the XFL actually going the have a team in Dallas called the renegades using that logo, nevermind actually playing again?

The NFL's beef with the Houston Roughnecks went away along with the league.

This is not worth the CFL's legal fees

The Stamps use the same logo as an NCAA team, and there is another team that uses the same logo as the Ticats did in the 70's-90's. Should the NCAA sue the CFL?

You're really scraping the bottom for thread ideas.

Did the CFL copyright it? or did the old Ottawa Renegade owners copyright it? Should Detroit Lions sue the BC Lions? who came first?

As a former Ottawa Renegades season-ticket holder, it made me smile to see that old logo again. (Not exactly the same, but pretty darn close!)
The league of an extinct team, suing a dormant league, would be the height of frivolous litigation.

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The XFL have renewed their stadium lease at Globe Life Park in Arlington. So it appears that they will play in Dallas. That is the only stadium that the XFL have renewed a lease. No word on the other venues

The XFL have indicated that they will return in 2022. So the NFL lawsuit has life

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At least I have contributed some ideas for discussions. I found nothing from you. Be negative somewhere else


The logos between the CFL team and the NFL team are different in your example. The copyright issue for the old Ottawa Renegades logo and name is for Randy to decide.

I think the XFL have violated the CFL's copyright issue pertaining to the old Ottawa Renegades name and logo. They should sue or at least stop the XFL from stealing it's brand

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Tell that to Roger Goodell and the NFL who has issued the lawsuit. I believe that they have a case and will win court.

The CFL has to draw the line to protect it's brand despite whether a logo is defunct.

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I would rather see new prospective CFL team owners (like in Halifax) offer to buy the rights to all players and staff of an XFL team and move it to Moncton or Halifax this season and next....since fans in stadium seats (and the need for a 25,000 seat new stadium) likely will not be an issue due to COVID-19.....and have the Schooners start immediately. And, that will provide the kick in the *** to build the new stadium.

The NFL is suing because they still sell retro Houston oilers merchandise and don't want it being confused with an XFL team. The XFL will either pay a small sum to keep the logo or settle out of court (most likely) and just change the name of the Roughnecks. It's not a big deal for a team that's played 5 games in its entire history to change its name.

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Nobodys buys the old Houston Oilers merchandise. if you watched the latest NFL merchandise ad with the bad Rap music accompanying it doesn't show throwback jerseys. It's all current teams. So it seems that selling old team swag isn't a high sales priority.

It is a big deal.. Thief is thief. The XFL may be a small league, but it has the potential for further growth. It is better to nip it in the bud. The CFL can't afford to lose a market share

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is it safe to say "up your asterisk" :slight_smile:

NFL shop has dozens of new Houston oilers items in their store. People are still buying them or else it wouldn't be there.

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The only way people bought those old Houston Oiler jerseys if the NFL uses a third jersey like what the NHL does(in their current season right now). The NFL never uses a third jersey within their season. The NFL doesn't celebrate their past. I don't see anybody buy Columbus Panhandles retro jersey

:football: Well, I suppose so...LOL

The Steelers and Lions use throwbacks pretty often, especially on Thanksgiving games. Oilers gear is still worn around Houston as well, and was easily spotted at Houston Roughnecks XFL games. I'm not saying they sell millions in oilers gear each year, but I'd bet much more than Canton Bulldogs merchandise

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When I saw that Renegade logo, I just laughed. Didn't know Ottawa team moved to Houston. :slight_smile:

I don't think suing the XFL is worth it.

As for names of teams, the only way a team can block a name is if that league has names copyrighted for that city.

When the CFL went south, I believe the Memphis team that became the Mad Dogs, had wanted to use "Vipers". The NFL blocked it, as they somehow had copyrighted that name for if they ever had a team in the future at that location.
Detroit Lions and BC Lions have same name, but Detroit logo is an African lion, and BC uses the Mountain Lion or Cougar. So it is a different Lion?

As for the Stamps, when they started using the horse, I believe they contacted the SMU Mustangs about it. Same horse but SMU uses a Red Horse.

When the XFL was folding, I thought the CFL should have swooped in and tried to get a lot of the equipment, especially the helmets. Used equipment, but minimal, and saved some money.