The CFL should impose a fine......

What do you think? Should the league fine the Argo's equipment manager that got a little slap happy against the Bombers?

Couldn't see the game myself, but from what I have read and seen here, I'd say without a doubt he should be fined/disciplined in some way. There should NEVER be ANY kind of contact (unless it's medical) between a player during a game and any non-player staff member.

Cant say unless I saw it happen

We don't really know what was said, who said it, or who started it. All we saw were 2 guys pushing each other, and pretty much nothing else.

...this 'so called taunting crap penalty' that the Bombers got was total bullcrap.....because Johnson was celebrating a nice return...(flapping his arms in take-off fashion cuz after all he is the Flight man) this little 'jerk' comes over to AJ 111 and pushes now we get this taunting penalty...which did affect the field position big-time....What a joke...Certainly it didn't determine the final out-come ...but its crap like these calls that totally pee me off...Seems like the officials try to use anything the Bombers do out of the ordinary...and dump on them.......back to the original question ....DEFFINTELY FINE THAT LITTLE DORK.... :x :x

All I know is what I saw. AJIII was walking and probably telling everyone on the Toronto bench how great he was. He wasn't even looking at the equipment manager when he got pushed. As soon as he did get pushed he looked at the ref and sort of did the raise the shoulders "what the hell..." shrug. He didn't retaliate.

That equipment manager shouldn't be allowed on the sidelines again.

Well we dont know what he said but if you are right AJ3 was taunting wasen't he?

Maybe he was taunting - who knows. But the argos should have gotten an unsportsman like penalty as well.

The league should make the argos fire him, and there should have been a penalty against Toronto, if a player did that, penalty, why no penalty if a staff member does it?

would AJ3 get a fine if he was the one who put his hands on the argos equip.manager?...YES.

so there should be a fine.

He crossed a line when he shoved Flight87, no doubt the league will set a fine...since it had a factor in the game, 5000 bucks or 7000 in canadian tire money would suit me just fine.....and so what if he's not even making that kind of money.

fined? he should be fired.

I agree to hell with the fine, fire his can..and bring in the RCMP for an investigation...

I am trying to find it on my PVR
When abouts did it happen?

In the fourth quarter...I think there was about 5 min left..
The RCMP thing could be a little

Yeah, 4th quarter. According to the CFL's play-by-play of the game, it was play 116/151 total. Not sure when in the 4th, but I could have sworn it was earlier on.

Edit: yes, early 4th quarter. According to the play by play, play #107 was the first play of the 4th quarter.

a better punishment, would have AJ 3 go against that fat midget in a boxing ring.

Ya that sounds good also playmaker, he was a midget, but the fat thing I'm unsure of...all proceeds from the charity fight would go to the Dwarfs are Peaple to Fund...

honestly, i cant believe such a nice guy like pinball would allow dwarfs like that on the sideline to interfere with opposing players.

oh please give me a break!