The CFL should give D'Angelo the Halifax market .

The CFL should give D'Angelo the Halifax market and let him run with it. I think he would be perfect for Halifax. Does anybody agree ? :rockin:

no stadium tho...and once there is a stadium, theres apparently 2 or 3 better suitors gonna step up to buy a halifax team.

you'd think being an Ottawa fan, you'd be able to recognize a whackjob potential owner when you saw one ... I guess not.


Again, it never hurts to listen...

But there are wealthier and local people in the Maritimes to consider...if only the Irvings could be convinced...

I guess with D'Angelo, my question would be, "why was he rejected in Ottawa in the first place, and why would that problem dissappear just because he is in Halifax?"

Maybe if he would build a stadium there he would be in the CFL brotherhood. :slight_smile:

Maybe he could build Steelback stadium with his billionaire backer in Halifax. Halifax Steelbacks. Sounds pretty good to me.

Halifax Steelback does sound alright.

Wha???? I'm confused. Why's he good enough for Halifax, but not Ottawa? And how come when you throw Halifax in front of Steelback, the name no longer s--ks!
Schooners all the way.

He would get outvoted by the BGs that are sponsored by Molson, Labatt and Budweiser, just like last time.

He's good enough for Halifax because no one else would own a team out there, far, far away on the Atlantic, a pebble of a city in the middle of nowhere that thinks it's going to get an NHL team I've heard from some people and who cares about the CFL... :lol:

Exactly, if he’s willing to build a 25, 000 seat stadium in Halifax, why not ? I don’t see Molson, the Irving family or anyone for that matter lining up to build a stadium there. If D’Angelo truly wants a CFL team, maybe he has the balls to build a stadium there to get a team. Especially if he has a billionaire backer, he may have the resources. Steelbacks rhymes with Halifax. Notice, I added the “S” because I hate singular names. :thup:

The reason "Halifax SteelbackS" (also hate singular names) is better than Ottawa Steelbacks is because Ottawa has already had the Rough Riders and the Renegades ... and he would have been taking over the suspended Renegades franchise, not creating an expansion franchise. And to be honest, Halifax Steelbacks makes me think of the fact that it was a key wartime port. Yes it's a beer, and no it's not the best way to describe a warship, but it's not all that bad, either.

I still don't like D'Angelo, and I still don't think he's what the CFL needs or wants. BUT if he was to build a stadium in Halifax - hell, he could call it Steelback Stadium and get his money that way, instead of selling out his football team - then he'd get into my good books, and probably the CFL's too.

If he's willing to pitch in the money to build a stadium, well, I can't think of many better ways to show long-term committment.

Also - sorry Halifax - Halifax fans are probably a bit more naive/innocent than Ottawa fans. Ottawa fans will NOT settle for a questionable owner. Halifax fans, because they've never had a team, may be much more willing to give him a shot.


Not a bad idea!

Anybody know what the cost of a stadium runs these days? (apart from the cost of the real estate).

If the guy builds a stadium I'd go from lukewarm to his biggest fan...

Winnipeg gets a temporary grandstand seating 15,000 for the grey Cup in one of the endzones.

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Couldn't they use Huskies Stadium in Halifax and just build a temporary grandstand that holds 15,000?(I'm sure it really isn't that expensive to build, its all benches). That gives you 24,000 seats overall - Montreal has proven you can support a CFL team with only 20,000 seats. This stadium could be used temporarily for a few years, and could be used to test the market in Halifax, to see if fans will actually come and watch a game. Then if Halifax wins the Commonwealth games bid, the team moves to that stadium as soon as it is constructed. If the fan support is present, but Halifax does not win the Commonwealth games, the temporary Huskie stadium could be upgraded slowly over the years.

Huskies Stadium is not big enough. There's no room for 15,000 more seats. the 11,000 total for TDA was near the limits.
That's 11 thousand. Some more seats could fit, but maybe to make the capacity only 15,000 if you're lucky.

Never realized that it was that packed.

Build temporary grandstands(like those at the winnipeg GC) at any other existing college/ high school stadium that would have the land space to fit grandstands holding 20,000?

BMO field in Toronto is costing an estimated 72 Million for a 20 000 seat stadium.

It looks like a nice enough stadium but some of the seats are built on a concrete base where as others are built on an aluminum metal base - which is probably a cost saving measure.

I'm guessing that you would have to double this figure to build a 30-35 000 seat CFL stadium with all the amenities and luxury boxes.

The price of this Toronto stadium as was discussed locally before the "awarding" by the different levels of government, in another words tax grab, was how it has been well overpriced and could have been constructed for approximately one half of the cost. Too many bells and whistles. But, because it was tax dollars and the abuse associated with this involvement, there was not the same scrutiny as would occur if it was complete private only money.
So, what I am saying, let's say a proposed 25,000-30,000 basic only stadium with less bells and whistles can be costructed for $50M tops.

I agree that there is a lot of money wasted when it is public money being spent.

I am not sure I agree with the $50M number, but the problem is that nearly every stadium/arena is built with some/all public money, so it is hard to make the comparison.

The only place I can think of off the top of my head that wasn't built with public money was the ACC and that one required the platinum licences to get it paid for.

But even if $50M is correct, it will take a long time for a CFL team to ever recover that money.

You say that BMO field is overpriced because of extra bells and whistles but it looks to me like it's a no-frills stadium.