The CFL should encourage artificial performance enhancement

No, I'm not talking about Viagra; though the Bummers and Puttytats sure could use some. Talk about limp and lifeless! Ricky Williams played here--no worries about drug testing mon! Ethics are for leagues that can afford them--the CFL can't. I'm suggesting they invite chemists, biochemists and sports scientists up here in the pursuit of building the perfect athlete.

Personally, I liken athletic performance enhancement to automobile racing. Most of the safety and performance features we have in our cars today originated from the race track. Drivers die every year as a result of auto racing, but no one tells them to stop. What they do benefits modern society.

When biochemists & athletes engage in blood doping, using experimental drugs, growth hormones, & other experimental treatments, they are advancing the human species as well as improving hospital patient care.

A lot of seniors and other injury victims have reaped huge benefits because of sports medicine. They have greater mobility and a quality of life they wouldn't otherwise have.

Faster, higher, stronger; that's the Olympic ideal, right? We should be celebrating and trying to share our combined knowledge obtained from high performance athletic programs rather than trying to cover it up or hoarding them indefinitely in the hopes of achieving a longterm competitive advantage.

Rather than disqualifying an athlete for using performance enhancing substances, the athlete's team should have to provide full disclosure of their methods to determine their therapeutic value. Scientists and athletes should be rewarded for their achievements, not disgraced. As in auto racing, their sacrifices make our lives better, not worse.

Just think how much money would come pouring into the CFL if we opened the door to artificial athletic enhancements!!!

just when you thought you have heard everything.

Drugs don't belong in Sports.

Yes, I know it will never be 100% clean, but I'm in favour of drug testing and suspensions when warrented.

what the hell is wrong with you? are you bloody crazy?

how can you even say such a stupid, idiotic thing?

why does this topic still exist?

It is only natural for mental midgets to fear genius--don't be afraid. A giant is among you.

But the question is....A giant what?