The CFL safety league

I am getting tired of watching teams not move the ball and then taking the option of giving up two points by runing backwards into the end zone on third down and conceding a safety.

The play is totally boring. Sure there is a strategy side to it but the rules should eliminate that strategy. If a defense plays well and keeps you locked into your own end, the team needs to be rewarded for it by getting decent field position.

If the other team insist on conceding a safety on third down FORCE them to punt or kick the ball from the line of scrimmage. Enough of this boring travesty of safties: the most popular but boring scoring play in the CFL!

I must agree, with dangerous returners and sometimes bad wind, or an injured kicker, what the heck is two points and giving the ball back way down field? A simple solution would be 2 points and punting the ball from the 20, much like the NFL. You woun't gain much position back and still give up 2 points, it would end this garbage.

Ok, if there's a team on their own 1 yard line, and they get sacked for a safety,or a run gets stuffed in the endzone, the defence should be given the 2 points right?

Well, if you take the option of conceding the two points, what you're going to get is a bunch of clever coaches who will either intentionally snap the ball over the head of the punter, a la Bill Belicheck in the playoffs a few years back, or you're going to have plays designed to fail, such as a run up the gut where the back is meant to get tackled in the endzone for the safety.

Either way, the safety will be the result, and the team will kickoff.

HUH? Explain your point again please. Teams do get two points automatically for any play that results in a safety. However, under my suggestion, after conceding the two points, PUNTING from your own 20, puts a return about midfield, and even with no return, your in scoring range, hence eliminating these boring safety's.