ARE YOU SERIOUS???? These refs absolutely are brutal. how many games now have to be ruined by bad pass interference calls?

this last game against the bombers there were 3 interference calls not called in the endzone IN ONE SERIES!!!!!

Trust me dude, the fans thought they were but they weren't even close.Let me explain.1st one, Chris Davis (aka Christiano Ronaldo) had a step on Bradley and Bradley had his left hand on Davis' shoulder to follow him while keeping his eyes on the ball.Bradley overran himself falling to the ground and his hand touched Davis' thigh.At this point Davis decided to milk it for everything he could and took a dive trough the mud on an uncatchable ball and came up protesting to the refs.Fail.Next we had Terrance Edwards try the Ronaldo and I truly thought he was better than this.Same deal except it was a different defender with a hand resting on the shoulder to follow Edwards, ball was overthrown and Edwards tried to milk it and get a first and goal by stumbling and then protesting to the refs.Watch the replay, it was pathetic.Even the announcers were asking what was the matter with these guys.It's North Amer. football not Euro football, sorry guys.I will say though that you guys had a sure TD to Ralph there that was ruled out.

Oh and I still stand by what I said about CFL refs sucking :cowboy:

I think cflisthebest has multiple usernames.

Sorry to the OP, but I must disagree. They are human and make mistakes, sure - it is a very difficult game to arbitrate. But when it comes to subjective calls such as PI, the margin of difference from one call to the other is that much greater than a more objective call like time count violation or illegal procedure. There is bound to be more discrepancy, by definition. Yep, work to improve and reduce that margin, but it won't go away relative to other more objective calls.

Maybe if more people stopped looking for "errors", they wouldn't find so many. And maybe if people stopped watching the refs and started watching the game, they would enjoy it more.

Now I wait for the first dork that says it is better in the NFL or that the CFL is bush league because of its refs - these one-liners always come up in this topic, which topic always comes up multiple times every year, too.

Gotta wonder with this one ... :?

The worst call was the roughing the passer against WPG when Glenn still had the ball ! No matter, Wpg was a joke last night and deserved the beat down !

It was a low hit and that was even mentioned. It doesn't matter if the QB has the ball or not, he can only be hit from above the knees to below the helmet.

May as well give the QB two flags and have a no contact rule !'s about we just give the entire defense bats and allow them to take swings at the QB's knees?

This is Canada, we use hockey sticks.

The officiating on roughing the passer has been spotty this season. I remember a dirty hit on Calvillo in the Hamilton game that went uncalled even though MacIntyre clearly hit AC at the knees, which you cannot do while the QB is in the pocket. Could have easily been a serious injury for Calvillo; fortunately it wasn't and he was able to finish the game.

Frankly, I thought the roughing call on Glenn in the first half was pretty borderline. The Winnipeg player didn't hit Glenn low or high and Glenn went head over heels like he'd been torpedoed. I've seen worse hits on QBs go uncalled this season.

The non-call on the Ralph TD was bad, but had LaPolice not stupidly wasted his challenge on the Ralph non-catch in the first half, he'd have been able to challenge and get the major.

And here I thought Killer would be the first one to whine about the refs...

Philip Hunt was out to injure all night.1st roughing the passer he had more than enough time to let up OR pull his arms up.Instead, he follows through and pushes KG to the ground.15 yard penalty.On the low hit one he came diving through the OL right below KG's knee's.When he started to get up, he grabbed KG's leg and pulled it up hard causing obvious pain.15 yards for the low hit, nothing for the roughness.I know he did another 15 yard personal foul in here somewhere.Then finally, he get's flagged for facemasking Cobb, 15 yards again.PLP needs to have a good talk with this guy, he's great and all but 60 yards in penalties and doing your utmost to injure the other team's starters because you're losing is ridiculous.

Players should know by now that it doesn't matter if your pushed or pulled down going for the QB, you can't lunge at him below the knees. Simply as that.

Like I said in another post, don't blame the officials, they are part time. If the league wanted to get serious, they could employee these guys full time during the season, so they would have more time to polish their act.

Oh yeah, that other 15 yard personal foul was for chirping with one of our players after a play.He was ridiculously selfish last night and cost the Bombers 60 yards in penalties.Hopefully KG's alright and hopefully Hunt will cool down this week.

Pass interference calls have been inconsistent so far this year. Hopefully they could work the kinks out before they play the games that matter.

the jokes are the people who constantly whine about the refs

This is true and it is very annoying.

sorry I only have 1.

I didn't even watch last nights game.