The CFL predicament

Or they could have operated a 9-man spring league.

Providing opportunities for Canadian and global talent to hone their skills.

Follow this link to a google doc where you can comment with additional suggestions and ideas. Then I'll start a totally new thread and post a final draft for consideration.

Agreed and when you compare it's attendance to CFL attendance, well... The St. Louis team was averaging higher than Toronto, very good numbers honestly when you think about it. If the league had had a chance to finish the season I think you would have seen that continue to grow throughout.

Let's also be fair the XFL only had a few weeks, totally new league and just as it was getting its sea legs covid cut them out from under them. The league was starting to get the respect of the YouTube sports crowd, that says something. Certainly like with XFL 1.0 they had certain production innovations that the NFL will eventually adopt because the fans loved it.

The CFL should take notes, steal what was good and adopt it to our brand.

No that's not being fair to the XFL or reality at all - that's being a hack and providing cover for their utter failure there. Bull.

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Hardly being a hack, the XFL 2.0 was dealt a raw hand, covid really hurt every sport. Now how McMahon handled it is not related to how it was doing.

He was prepared to spend a billion on it over 5 years, however that was contingent on his primary income the WWE remaining the multi billion power house it was.

Covid took out his primary income unexpectedly and he made a strategic decision. Like with XFL 1.0 yes there were things I wasn't excited about, but true to McMahon style he did develop some new game innovations that CFL would be wise to adopt and certainly i expect the NFL to do so over the next few years.

The XFL 2.0 is more beneficial to what the CFL can learn from it, also its demise creates an opportunity for CFL. To say it was total failure is what is not fair.

Certainly by CFL standards St. Louis was quite the success, if they kept that level attendance for a CFL team they would be in the top tier of attendance. Our league relies too heavily on ticket sales but St. Louis would be making money out the gate.

All I am saying is we do an honest assessment of what we can learn from the latest failure of the XFL and take what was good and steal it, take what we learned about certain markets and exploit those opportunities.

XFL merely gives us valuable information to which we can benefit from. CFL is not resonating with millennials, we've got to do something to change that. We must change or we will die, we don't have to like it but we must accept it and act.

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No sir, you are a hack and I was ready to read your ideas, but you went ahead and insulted also in that same breath the CFL in another of the three threads in which you are working your XFL agenda now. I will rest my case in another thread.

You sir are all hot air from this point forward and done.

"The CFL is a semi-pro league, we are, we do not keep our players employed year round. They are not professional athletes who can spend the entire off season all day every day training and practicing."

Yes folks, ZuluMoose wrote that.

Hit the road, Jack.

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Well the truth is hard to hear, but the CFL is not going to be able to address anything, grow or attract new fans if we aren't honest about things. It is tough love time, our continued financial woes dictate we do some soul searching.

Truth is many players if not most don't make enough from playing to be year round athletes. The league is not a 12 month a year operation that enables every team to retain and pay all their players a salary that let's them just focus on one thing, football.

Some do for sure, more don't. The benefits aren't that great either when you compare that to what these guys do to their bodies.

The XFL 1 & 2, AAF and even the USFL all have lessons we can learn from. XFL 2.0 just happens to be the latest attempt, McMahon is a showman, we can take the good innovations and leave the rest.

The AAF and XFL 1.0 as well CFL's first foray into the US teach us how not to do this.

The USFL teach us a spring league can work, dont let Donald Trump own a team and dont go head to head against the NFL.

All I am saying is we need to be brutality honest about our problems and be open minded about change and solutions.

I want CFL to be around a hundred years from now, but this every other decade near ruin financial crisis nonsense has to stop. One these times we won't get lucky and that will be it. If we don't evolve we will stagnate and die, slowly and painfully.

No one wants that. So we need a path but we will never find it if we aren't honest about things, even if it is ugly and truths we'd rather avoid. No one is served by pretending we are something we are not. We need to decide what we want long term, form a plan then go for it.

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