The CFL predicament

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One of first things that needs to happen is the BoGs letting the commissioner do what he was hired to do in the first place. Growing the league and sport, finding other revenue sources, making the players as partners in this endeavor and making the league a 12 month operation.

Again it has nothing to do with changing the rules to resemble the American version.


Also time to revisit US expansion, a lot has changed since the 1990's and lot of lessons learned. The NFL has created a market opportunity there, one that could bring in a large influx of cash and enable the league to command more revenue in rights deals.

Completely agree the league could do better, one idea just as an example: the CFL allows corporate ownership unlike the NFL, why not offer a free franchise to a streaming service like Netflix if they agree to produce content like Hardknocks etc, as well as rebroadcast games live on the service.

Low cost to the league for gaining an instant global audience and would give great data as to locations where the league should consider expansion.

Maybe the CFL should get into the business of charging fees for expansion bids if anyone wants to make a presentation.


Yes, but that means they have to be willing to expand outside of Canada and nothing they have said or done indicates they are even remotely considering such a thing.

But yes, I actually am going to put together a presentation, already started working on it because I am tired of the talk, time to see a plan. Since the CFL is silent perhaps we the fans should put one together and present it to them.

So I am gonna put one together, make my case, post it here and hopefully together we can craft something awesome that maybe, just maybe the CFL will wake up on consider.

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Definitely post your writeup - I'll read it and incorporate good ideas into a whole bunch of changes my division is recommending.


CFL's predicament is that we are Canadian and we have much less resources then the leagues down south. They don't even have to show value in their TV contracts in order to command a lot of money as there are 6 or 7 pursuing a piece of the pie.

CFL has pretty good TV numbers for a summer time presentation on a Thursday , Friday or Saturday night. You can automatically get better TV numbers if you broadcast in the cold weather in prime time. Something we don't have. Never should we be compared to other leagues unless we talk "apples to apples" Same times - same seasons.

MY point is that the CFL could have much better TV numbers then they do but it wouldn't matter. They won't get any more money for their TV rights from any of the broadcasters up here.

So many businesses in Canada that have an "outside the country threat" are protected by government legislation and financial seed money by the government. The CFL couldn't even get the government to give them a 30 million loan! Government can't even enforce content rules on TV for Canadian content. A US league is not Canadian content. The Canadian Government did it for the music and film industry in Canada. Haven't touched or helped sports. That's our problem in Canada and we have to find a way around all the "no help" coming our way.

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I believe the biggest problem we have that most politicians that we vote in aren't necessarily high end athletes.

Not once you will ever hear about their athletic prowess.

I mean we have a pm that's not an athlete. He cannot relate to anyone who is in sports.

How do we expect any backing in sports if majority of them haven't played as much.

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Circa 2009, former NFL player Oronde Gadsden was putting together a group to expand the CFL into the US and near Buffalo. I am not sure whatever happened to that bid, but maybe that's somebody with a vested interest to whom to reach out.

He was also the part owner of an indoor football team in Miami.

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Isn't there a former Olympian or 2 in Parliament right now? I think I remember something about that watching the last election.

Politicians are not selected based on athletic ability, and one candidate being faster or stronger than another is not a major reason to vote for them. I feel more that an "armchair quarterback" type would be just as likely or more likely to give money to the CFL than a high-level athlete.

To get help from the various governments of Canada at any level, MPs and MLAs need to understand the cultural value of the CFL and of sports in order to give them money. Right now, there is political pressure to avoid spending unnecessary money, and with public perception being that the CFL is a much bigger (money-wise) sports league than it actually is, it would not look good for a politician, former athlete or not, to throw money at it.


I think the CFL needs to take some notes from what the XFL did. The on field product we have is great, but the XFL social media game was incredible. It appealed to the millennial age demographic because there was a lot of meme-type content.

Honestly I think the CFL should go grab the guy that was doing most of the social work for the XFL. Their "goodbye" tweet was honestly hilarious

We've seen glimpses of what the CFL's social team can do, but it's just not consistent enough. I can't find the posts, but there was the Kamar Jorden meme where he did a Fortnite dance in the endzone and they cut him out and planted him in a Fortnite screen.

The marketing content needs to change and become more modern


Arts and Culture get funding while athletes in general are struggling.

Is it because of being against hard work to be successful.

I believe most politicians, but not all, are just there is collect a paycheck, put in their two terms and get a nice pension on our dime.

But the minute sports comes up, there's this resistance.

The league should never have approached the government at all for anything.

Wasted all of the 6 months to decide to not have a season instead of planning for the following season or a shortened season.

Hopefully lesson learned.

This is the only point I have read about that awful XFL that has some merit worth considering, for it is from a marketing standpoint.


I don't think the XFL was all that bad. Attendance wasn't very great, but that's to be expected for the first year of a league.

Getting the younger generation interested again will require a lot of re-branding and breaking the mold. I'm not talking new jerseys, logos, or anything like that. Different styles of merch, influencer marketing, new social media strategy, and community out reach.

I like what the Alouettes are doing with their merch, but they could go further. The home page has catchy visuals and photography to make their merch look like a fashion brand, but their product photos are boring and bland.

Mix this "fashion" strategy with some influencer marking and I think they'd really be on to something. The Als had Genie Bouchard out at a game when she was blowing up. It got tons of attention on twitter. Imagine if that was a repeat thing or she was posting instagram photos in Alouettes gear frequently

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Of course you don't along with two others with that agenda here. And this is a CFL thread. You want an XFL thread, you can make one in other leagues for you 3 or so diehards of a crap defunct league the second time around.

They better come up with CFL 3.0 and quick...

They need to bring expenses way down (by about half)

They need to repair their relationships with the media. blacklisting, humiliating reporters and picking winners and losers in the media hasn't worked out so well.

They need to operate their business year-round. Arena football is ideal in Canada and should be used as a low-cost introduction for young fans and talent development programs. There is no reason why these nine teams can't operate an 18 game outdoor team and an 18 game arena team, they have the facilities, the equipment, the refs. The staffing...