The CFL Plan 2015

CFL will never win ratings on TSN. We need to find a way, maybe a petition, to convince CTV to air the Grey Cup. Maybe they could use their own commercials if they air the Grey Cup just to get around the whole simsub advertising issue.

A petition or movement to get the TSN to stream Grey Cup to non cable subscribers. Sort of a joint CFL TSN thing to increase exposure due to the lack of a rabbit ears version if you cant air ON CTV.

What other things can we do to keep this league from taking a step backwards again? Its become so strong we cant let it go back to the late 90s again. 6th highest attendance average for any league in the world several times.

What are the weaknesses and what is the best method to combat that?

What is the simsub advertising issue?

Bell owns both TSN and CTV, and in any event simsub is only about Canadian broadcasters substituting their ads on the US network feed in Canada when broadcasts are simultaneous.

get the petition started, i will put my name on it :slight_smile:

Whats with the inferiority complex lately? The product is not at its best, and people have voted for the more exciting game this year.

Next year if the CFL is worth watching, people will watch again.

This is pretty simple stuff.

I agree. You can’t break records every year for TV ratings. I beleeive 2013 was a record breaking season, the numbers went down but were in the same range since 2010.
I guess I can see wanting the GC on CTV similar to how ESPN places big productions on ABC.

So why would putting the game on CTV be a success?? it's not like TSN and RDS is available to a limited number of people.
TSN has 9.5 million subscribers and RDS has 2.5 million subscribers - that's a total of around 30 MILLION Canadians.
Out of 30 MILLION TSN/RDS viewers - 3.8 Million watched the Grey Cup
There's a good chance that the minority of viewers that don't subscribe to a sports network don't watch sports and would not watch it on CTV.

Why don't you start a petition to try to get more of them 30 MILLION existing TSN and RDS viewers to watch the Grey Cup?? wouldn't that make more sense?

I'd like to see FNF and one other game on TSN, then two on CTV, maybe on Sunday. U>nsure if it would increase viewership or by how much, but the league needs to be on the main carrier. Perhaps when and if the renegotion window opens (next year?) the issue can be addressed along with increased fees.

TSN and RDS have contract exclusive media rights to all CFL games thru 2018.
ESPN has exclusive rights contract with CFL on all CFL games shown in the US thru 2018.

Bell Media owns both TSN and CTV, so it would be no issue for CFL games to be transferred to CTV; if needed, subcontracting deals could be drafted and endorsed but I doubt the CFL would object to games moving to a channel with a larger potential viewing audience.

I think this is what OP was originally trying to say though not as simply. Most people can agree that this is what the CFL needs. To grow a product such as sport, you need maximum exposure on tv. I don't have cable so where am I to watch Canada's domestic league? I can't :confused:

CTV would lose viewers by putting games on to its main network... Yes the CFL ratings would increase, but you would lose viewers from what ever American program CTV was showing that day... Chances are, the American program would still get a huge viewership, but it would not be simsubbed on CTV. This is why NFL games can be shown on CTV, no other American network even bothers to try to program against the NFL. Especially during the Super Bowl, there is literally nothing else on during the game.

Contractually TSN cannot just shift CFL games to CTV. Numerous contracts/subcontracts and their issues must be reviewed and probably renegotiated.

CFL-prime contract with TSN, ESPN and advertisers
TSN- prime contract with CFL and advertisers, subcontract with ESPN (owns 20% of TSN), contracts with cable providers
ESPN-prime contract with CFL, subcontract with TSN
CTV-(owns 80% of TSN), no current contracts/subcontracts related to CFL, contracts with current programming providers, contracts with current and CFL advertisers
Cable services-contracts with TSN and CTV related to programming
Cable customers-agreements/payments relative to receiving selective channels

The above will have to be considered and evaluated before pursuing any changes. If it is proposed before the current prime contract end date you might be opening Pandora's box!

I think you are making it sound much more complicated than it would be Challenger. Bell Media owns the rights and much like in the USA certain games get shown on ABC and some on ESPN with US College Football, it would be very easy for Bell Media to do the same if they chose to do so. There would certainly be no argument from the CFL if they chose to do that, existing advertisers would be happy with the exposure. And if it was only for one game a week - lets say on a Saturday night in the hockey off season I can't see any TSN subscribers being too upset.

And it would not hurt CTV's ratings because they don't seldom get great ratings during the summer months on the programming they run on Saturday nights during the summer.

The prime contract is between TSN and CFL, even though Bell Media owns 80% of TSN thru CTV, Bell Media has no media rights to CFL games. TSN and RDS have exclusive media rights to all CFL games including GC. The contract probably has a clause for both TSN and CFL to propose changes, for example yearly schedule changes. If the changes are advantageous to all parties involved I see no reason that the various contracts wouldn't be modified accordingly.
ESPN has an agreement with ABC and NCAA to show certain NCAA games on ABC.

Like I have said for years and which was again was painstakingly reinforced during the latest TV contract negotiated by Cohon, the inability to have CTV telecast all of the playoffs and the GC.
Now that is one crucial piece, the other if for some reason we want to compare us against the SB numbers, we cannot clear the deck.
The GC is played during the season when all other sports are televised, while these same leagues play chicken little and do not schedule anything opposite the No Funners.

After doing a little "digging" I found where the previous TSN/CFL contract had a clause that allowed TSN to show the GC on CTV. I can't find any such reference in the current contract but unless the CFL had a strong objection or if there was concern that this might open the GC telecast to competitive bidding I would think TSN would want to retain this right.

Basically has a lot to do with how the NFL on Bell, the contract, is cited and what the specifics are on that one, I would think.

Interesting point Earl, possible if not probable that the two contracts dovetail but still maintain separation.

Yes challenger, lawyers and wording, laywers love words and documents that's for sure.

I like that, personally, I'm not sure which is worse writing and negotiating US Government Contracts or drafting Congressional Bill Language that might become US Code.