The CFL owes the Ham Ti-Cats and fans an apology.(Merged)

Consider the following.

Consider the fact that we are in week 15 of the schedule.

Consider the fact that every team has had a bye week so far.

Every team, that is, with the exception of the Tiger-Cats.

Consider the fact that some teams have had two bye weeks already.

I realise that some of you don't like bye weeks, and wish that the CFL would do away with them.


Nevertheless, we must deal with the fact that some teams have been given 1 or 2 weeks or rest , and 1 team hasn't been given any.

Now, before some of you make the statement that the league did the best they could given the circumstances of Ottawa not playing, consider the following:

On Thanksgiving weekend, both Hamilton and Winnipeg will have a bye week.

This is Hamilton's first bye week.

That's right, 16 weeks straight before getting a bye.

Consider again the Thanksgiving weekend.

Why give any team a bye on this particular weekend.

Thanksgiving is a weekend that the league should be using to promote not only the CFL game, but the upcoming Grey Cup as well.

But no, instead we have three games that weekend and Hamilton gets their first bye.

Why couldn't the league alter the schedule a bit to make it more fair for Hamilton?

Obviously, the arguement that Ottawa's exit from the schedule does not apply here.

After all, the only thing required is for the person in charge of scheduling to take a look at the other Hamilton/Winnipeg games and see if one could be re-scheduled for Thanksgiving.

I suggest to you that the July 28 game in Hamilton is that game.

On July 28, the Tiger-Cats and the Blue Bombers could have been given a bye and that week's game could have been re-scheduled for Thanksgiving Monday in Hamilton.

Can anyone tell me any reason why the schedule was not set up this way?

This would have made the schedule more balanced and fair by giving the Tiger-Cats a bye week somewhere near the middle of the schedule just like every other team was afforded.

Who the Hell cares? quit complaining

I'm not reading all that. Every team has had to work with a makeshift schedule this season so stop whining.

What exactly is a makeshift schedule?

All the league had to do was shift one game for balance.

Why can't you see that?

cuz noone cares.

The following is the bye week schedule:

Week 3 Saskatchewan and Montreal

Week 5 Toronto and Edmonton

Week 10 Calgary and Winnipeg

Week 11 Edmonton and BC

Week 13 BC and Montreal

Week 14 Toronto and Saskatchewan

5 teams have already had 2 bye weeks.

Saskatchewan, Montreal, BC, Toronto, and Edmonton.

Hamilton has had none so far.

History books should put an asterisk beside the 2006 Grey Cup winner.

Lots of people care, and you should too.

You should care that the CFL puts on the best show possible.

The purpose of this thread is to point out an enourmous mistake that the CFL made by scheduling a bye week on Thanksgiving.

Don't you agree that that Thanksgiving is a week that the league should be using to the max?

Don't you agree that July 28 would have been a better week to schedule the bye week for Hamilton and Winnipeg, thereby making the schedule more balanced, more entertaining, and a better product for the CFL brand?

Don't you want the CFL to improve and advance?

quit crying man.

Can't blame him if my team was as horrible as the Ticats

didnt this happen last season to winnipeg?


Winnipeg's first bye last year was week 15.

Hamilton's first bye this year is week 17.

It's just as bad.

But, 2 wrongs don't make a right.

What was the league's excuse last year?

If the CFL can't do a better job of scheduling the bye weeks, then perhaps it's time to shorten the season and do away with bye's altogether.

There was a rumour that the CFL was going to eliminate the bye weeks next year because they are hard to schedule and some teams don't like them.

I think they should eliminate them because they can't figure out a way to balance them in the season.

I agree, eliminate them, they just seem to cause discussions about it not being fair for this team or that team and also it puts the team off the sports pages more, especially in cities where the NHL is in or also the Blue Jays in Toronto.
Eliminate them absolutely.

Everyone says byes are essential for giving rest but injuries are part of the game and having strong back-up talent to replace your starters when necessary is more important than a bye in my opinion.

I don't care either way who gets the bye and when. If you're a talented and good team, you'll get up and play when called upon and beat whoever you're put up against in the scheduling. If you're not a good team with any talent, then you lose. We had to play BC four times this year, and Hamilton only has to play them twice and a Hamilton fan is demanding an apology from the CFL for poor scheduling? Hogwash.

...everyone has had to put up with a hastily drawn up schedule...due to the folding of the Rens....the Bombers had to face the so-called 'power of the east'and the defending Grey Cup champs (didn't know at that time they were only chumps) in the first six games of the year...Many agreed Winnipeg would be 0 and 6....soooooo cry me a river all of the schedule critics....and walk in the other guys shoes for awhile....AS FOR the bye we really need them? ...NO....the only byes we need are in the play-offs... :wink:

And also, if there are injuries, it allows teams to bring in other players from the practice rosters and try them out, gives a chance to get a look at them. So I don't buy the injuries thing too much.


It's a conspiracy against the riders. Of course.

Dear r4758:
You have every right to complain about the schedule this season in the CFL. The CFL should apologize to the Hamilton Tiger-cats. This schedule makes no sense at all. I never understood why the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have not receive one bye week in this season. The schedule maker did an absolutely horrible job in making the 2006 schedule. They made this horrible schedule because they wanted to telecast all 72 games in 20 weeks and they came up with this giant mess. It is nice to telecast all the games but be fair to all teams in the league.

What conspiracy?? We beat them three times!

Bring on BC!!! :lol:

Since the league already schedules 20 weeks of games, why don’t we just consider adding 2 games?