The CFL on YouTube!!!!!....out of this world!!

This just in... I just discovered the new CFL channel on YouTube it's totally awesome... be sure to check out the "Hard Hitting Action" video... it's insane...!! Go to and show your support for the CFL and our TiCats !!

Speard the word.....

wow, awesome... it's got extended highlights of every game.

Let's just hope the CFL doesn't go and try to remove all the other CFL clips on youtube which were uploaded by fans. like the NFL and NBA. These NFL/NBA leagues got issues with fans wanting to showoff video clips of their favorite players. I just don't understand it.

thats awsome is there some way i can save that for myself b/c i was on the highlights on tsn.....fridays game!!!!

I can watch Jesse run over Hebert all day long! I must have went back and watched that run 10-15 times already!

I wanna see the Dwight Anderson hit!!! Where can I find that?

try the hard hitting action video ... here's the link:
I subscribed to the channel... try that!

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