The CFL Needs to Tear Up the CBA and start over

This is just too much.. A game with some decent plays has been interrupted repeatedly by sloppy turnovers, missed catches and more penalties than I care to count... It is embarrassing and shameful that game after game is being played at high school levels of competence. My apologies to high school football.
The season is 3/4 over and we are still in the preseason in play quality.. This can not go on next season, or we will see a even larger loss in TV viewers.
The solution is easy.. The league has the players by the balls, so they can get alot for a little bit more money.. Here is my idea.

Increase the salary cap by 500 k per team but then hold 10% of every player's salary in escrow. Increase practice time to 6 hours a day. The ten percent in escrow would be put into a huge pot and players who commit penalties would lose theirs and players who do not commit penalties could in turn receive all of their escrow money back plus extra bonus money for not committing penalties... It could all be adjudicated by a third party, so a DB would not lose money for a game saving pass interference call, or a lineman would not lose money for a QB career saving trip. It would focus alot kore on ridiculous penalties that take away from the game.
While we are at the coaches could have an escrow that would deduct coaches for unsuccessful challenges, and award coaches for successful challenges.
The final part of the CBA revision would be to encourage retention of players. A system could be set up where teams were allowed to go a couple hundred thousand over the cap if they retained more of their roster, but would have to stay a couple of hundred thousand under the cap if they bring in a bunch of rookies.
What the league needs to do is retain good players, who practice together, who do not take stupid penalties constantly... What we have now, is a bunch of rookies, who many do not even know the Canadian rules, who drop passes, miss assignments, blow coverages, miss receivers and above all TAKE PENALTIES!!

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Veteran players go bonuses of 4500.. Rookies only got 1500..

I'll repeat the same damned argument putting 1500 in for 3000 then. I don't care if it was 100 bucks, there is no argument here. It is money they didn't have before, and money rookies did not receive last year. Your argument is stupid.

Sometimes the brainless drivel that occurs in this forum, makes me weep for the world.

Well whats your solution for fixing the extremely inappropriate and not even remotely cool word that has since been eliminated from this comment by moderators, so really, don't ever use it again in this context that has become CFL football. Today we had a 13 point come from behind win and the game was still nearly unwatchable.

players need to be fined for avoidable penalties, which is most of them.

Firstly, using that term is very inappropriate, but hey, you always are.

Secondly, so don't watch. You won't be missed. You do nothing but complain about the game...stop watching.

Thirdly, the NFL is bad for penalties right now to. It is a new era of ball where they are attempting to make the game cleaner.

It is the coaches responsibility to clean up their players act. Huff has done so with certain penalties being a club fines. If you think it is the CFL's and their ref's responsibility to clean up the penalties, you are without a hope. The teams pay the CFL to play the CFL's game and rules. I don't know what special drug you are on that you associate the CBA to penalties, but you need to get off it, take off the tinfoil hat, and step into reality.

Ive enjoyed the CFL this year, I say don't like it find something else to do