The CFL needs to spice up the format

OK, so you're not really making sense but I'll give you another opportunity.

What do YOU think the final outcome of these talks will be?

I believe there will be a merger or new league (call it an 'alliance', 'joint venture' or whatever the hell you want). It will be a 4 down league on a 100 x 60 yard field with inter-league play between American and Canadian teams playing for the Grey Cup.

You've accused me and others of weasel gab - which is strange because I've stated repeatedly (and quite clearly) what I think will happen, go ahead and tell us what do YOU think will happen?

PS: whether I'm right or you are I'm sure we're both smart enough to realize the 9 team CFL as we know it is dead after the 2022 season (or perhaps even the 2021 season).

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Maybe you can get it through your obviously thick skull that I didn't ask for anything from you sir nor did I want anything. As noted, you know where the doors are.

This point bears repeating for a few more folks here but fewer folks in general given the TV viewing and attendance numbers before the XFL failed again much as it was going to do, pandemic or not, much as did that AAF when there was not pandemic. There was nothing better about that sordid attempt at spring football.

The chatter abounds but the reality is on the ground and there are always the politicians amongst them, but they have found themselves not only here as noted.

If you want to continue watching 3 down football you can (and should) support U Sports... I do. It's great ball and under-rated.

No sir you take care of YOU now. I do what I want. Don't tell me or anybody what to do.

Again, back to your friend and that lot with your tired political shpiel. There's the door again.

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The team with the better home attendance record would get the game. That rules out Toronto. Bonus points if the stadium is domed. BC always gets to host if they make it that far.


That's also what I was meaning as well but like the bonus point though.

Would this inspire 1 or 2 teams ( Winnipeg, Regina and maybe Montreal to have covered stadiums.

I'd like a retractable dome stadium. Keep it wide open in the summer months and then cover it beginning when it gets cold.

The advantage is you could have college and high school playoff games being played there, one right after the other spaced 3 hours apart.

You could then have Canadian high school games played in the same months as in the United States. With the domed stadium being used 7 days a week.

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Loving the idea

Have you ever heard of the Olympic Stadium?

Sure but it requires the ALS to move to the venue on a regular basis.

But wasn't it the reason the Expos left and why would the ALS go back other than hosting a playoff and/or a Grey Cup?

It is the worst stadium I’ve been to. A permanent move there would drive fans away. McGill is way better.

Terrible sight-lines for the fans?

More of a fans are really far from the action thing. Because it was for the olympics, there’s a track around the field. Not to mention all the room they needed for lawn bowling and horse ballet.

You meant equestrian right lol🤣

I enjoyed watching a game at McGill, great sightlines and the spot is pretty cool with the mountain behind, the buildings around the field, the location....Olympic stadium is far away and the area around it ain't really sexy (been there 10 years ago). McGill is not full by any stretch right now, so why move to an even more cavernous stadium?

No they left because of greedy owners

My point was they have a covered stadium and the records for top 5 Grey Cup attendance and regular season attendance
But the whole idea of awarding the grey cup to the city with the highest attendance is ridiculous to begin with

Far away from what?

It's not about the team with the highest attendance although that helps.

It's the team with a better record out of the two should host the Grey Cup.

Home field advantage all the way.

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Then why would the Als have to move to the big oh permanently

It gives fans 1 week to make plans!
Travel, hotel, car rental! activities other than the game! Even booking vacation time
Even teams would only have a week to prepare
How do you sell tickets when you don't know how many seats you have

Does that make sense to you?

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