The CFL needs to get serious about the level of officiating

I'm usually the last guy to blame the refs, hard to believe coming from a Riders fan I know.

The Riders did not look great yesterday, however neither did the Argos, but it was very clear that both teams were playing by different rules. Terrible calls and spotting of the ball that had the TSN commentators scratching their heads.

That being said, The Riders put themselves in a position to tie the game and head to OT has the team that was out performing their opponents in the second half, and carrying the momentum.

Then, on the 2 point convert attempt Getzlaf, Durant's first read on the play, is absolutely steamrolled in the end-zone and Durant gets sacked before he can find another receiver. Whistle blown, looks good enough for the refs who just want to get home to their families after a long night. Game over, give T.O. the win and let's get out of here.

So is it really open season on eligible receivers on 2 point converts? If so, then no other team should be penalized for it according to that play and 2 point converts become a school yard free-for-all.

Again, the Riders could have played better and it should not have come down to that, but when it does, the refs need to make the call.

Where was your posts when the Riders were getting away with blatant head shots on certain QB 's

I guess the other 300 threads on reffing wasn’t enough and we needed one more :roll:

Really you couldn’t have just posted in one of several posts about this topic. It is just as bad as the hundreds of expansion threads that get posted on here.

You'll notice that nobody in the thread is defending the officials this weekend. It was a bad weekend for them, no doubt about it.

So, the ball wasn’t thrown? Which means that it was technically a running play? Sounds legal to me.

[b]SECTION 2 – INTERFERENCE ON SCRIMMAGE PLAYS Article 1 – By Team A[/b] (a) On any play from scrimmage, except one in which a forward pass is thrown or the ball is kicked across the line of scrimmage, a player of Team A may interfere with an opponent from Dead Line to Dead Line, commencing from the instant the ball is snapped.
Had Durant thrown the ball, then maybe the officials would have called a penalty on the play. But they can't call PI or illegal contact if there's no pass.

I thought the reffing was great this weekend. Anytime Rider fans are whining works for me. :cowboy:

refs were not perfect as always, but as usuall, they did as fine a job as should be expected by REASONABLE RATIONAL fans.

Not so bad when it’s in reference to a specific call. The discussion that follows can be very informative. More often than not, it turns out that either the officials got the call right, or there is a good reason why they got it wrong, e.g. the angle hid the infraction from the official. Not always, of course, but often enough.

You thought the Goltz fumble that the command center botched was great? :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of the calls I’ll give the on field refs a pass on, like that one. At full speed that play was extremely hard to tell. On replay it was clearer.

Then there was the absurdly flagrant stuff like Anderson’s face mask that somehow wasn’t called despite it being on the ball carrier and his head being twisted around. And then there was the absurd stuff from all the other games.

Reffing was bad this week.

Even Dunnigan touched on the Anderson facemask that was missed [how can they miss that], all Ref’s were looking beyond the ball carrier for other infractions as there was a UR called on Sask. on the said play.
Any one know how Dave Foxcroft is as a Ref?

So do you give them a pass on Collaros’s unpenalized intentional grounding? (no pun intended) :wink:

Yes, that should have been a penalty for intentional grounding…Collaros was in the grasp.

Like I have said before, I have a lot less problems with refs missing stuff, they are human after all. What I don’t like is when they call things that did not happen.

Closest possible receiver was at least 5 yards away. Play of the century if he’d even got a finger on it before it hit the turf. :roll:

Actually I did, there was no conclusive proof shown. We can guess that the ball popped out after his elbow hit but no angle showed the ball at the same time the elbow touched. Exactly as the command centre is supposed to rule it.

Disagree. The replay showed his elbow hit the ground then the ball loose after that. You can see the ball and it doesn’t move away from the body until after down by contact. Jake Ireland blow a call almost every weekend why should this weekend be different. I doubt Ireland could read you his name if you wrote it down for him in six foot letters. The printing would be inconclusive.

I guess that your TV shows different views than mine.

If you don’t like it, then don’t click on it, and don’t join the conversation. It’s as simple as that. If somebody was sitting across the table from you and said something about the bad reffing, would say say “you don’t have anything else to talk about” “whatever, I’ve heard it a million times” or “why don’t you go talk to somebody else”?

People are so rude in internet forums, disappointing to see that the CFL forums are as bad as XBox forums.

Back on topic, I guarantee that the Riders get away with stuff too, for instance the face mask by Anderson that was mentioned. I didn’t catch that, but he should have been penalized if he did it. I’ve been at games where I’ve said “wow, the Riders really got away with one there”

The thing is, Toronto got 14 points directly off of penalties that placed them on the goal line, and then they let Getzlaf get plowed in the endzone and don’t call it? Frustrating… And yes is s a penalty even if the ball hadn’t been thrown, it’s Contact On An Eligible Receiver, and the reason it’s called is because all the the receivers would be on the ground shortly after the snap if it wasn’t a penalty. It would be a school yard free-for-all like I mentioned earlier.

TSN focused on the ground angle that showed the elbow but if you could rewind there was an overhead that should a lot more of the ball.