The CFL needs better leadership...

Some examples of things that wouldn't happen in other professional sports:

Trade two starters for a third stringer and then cut him... (Wayne and Flick for Butler)

Trade the league MVP (especially a QB) after he leads you to the championship...(Kerry J.)

Trade your best defensive player for Canadian draft picks...(Zeke)

Something is seriously wrong with this entire league, not just Hamilton. Although Hamilton has made majority if the bone head moves lately.

Your thoughts...

Moreno is overrated, he didn’t help you win.
The Kerry Joseph trade was a good one. As much as I like the guy he wanted too much money.
I do think it’s wrong that somehow TO had enough cap space to give Bishop a new contract and sign Kerry Joseph for top QB money while that wouldn’t be possible for anyone else. Obviously TO has there own rules and nobody in the league cares.

These things happen in other leagues.

Vince Carter was traded for 3 broken down players and 2 mid round draft picks. All that's left of that trade is Joey Graham who plays for them about as much as Timmy Chang played for us.

And every year at the trade deadline NHL teams out of contention trade allstars for draft picks.

And look at the NFL. A dominating tight end like Shokey was traded for nothing, New England got Moss for nothing, Brett Favre was traded for nothing, Dallas got Owens for nothing.

Right now an NFL team could have a starting line up with Favre, Owens, Moss and Shockey and all they would have given up to get them would have been 4 late round draft choices.

It happens everywhere. There are always GMs looking to take advantage of other GMs (e.g. Tilman) and other waiting to be fleeced (e.g. Obie).

An Argo-Cat fan

... and a lot of cap space, and a tranquil locker room.