The CFL mourns the passing of Chris Schultz

TORONTO — The football world has lost one of its most dedicated players and kindest souls. Chris Schultz, a former Toronto Argonaut and Dallas Cowboy, as well as a part of TSN’s coverage of the CFL, died of a heart attack on March 4. He was 61.

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Terrible news about Chris Schultz. Loved watching him play and loved the occasional quick chat on the side of the field. Condolences go out to his family. Going to be missed by many.

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Very sad. His passion and warmth came through the television. Someone I would like to have personally known. Condolences to his family.

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That he was a genuine good guy came across in his broadcast work. Gone way too soon

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I am so bummed about this news. I was hoping we would see him back during cfl games some day. Huge appreciation and respect for Chris. I have been missing him from the panel. A good man and a big loss for the CFL family.

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This is downright awful. He was often the best guy on that panel too. Was there a cause of death? Didn't his father have health problems only a few years ago?

I missed the backstory here.

And we are still stuck with some real clowns on the CFL panels too until those blokes at TSN get their heads rearranged, to put it nicely.

The Thursday Night studio production from 2019 was a serious abomination, and there better be no going back to that crap.

I missed him on the panels, as well. Wondered about what happened to him. He and Dunigan seemed to play well off each other.

On an aside, I hope they bring Randorf back.

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That was a huge jolt hearing of Chris Schultz death. RIP.

jolt indeed. I got up late, fired up the ole computer, up comes my homepage ( and there is the news in huge letters. Hell of a way to start the day.

Absolutely stunned by this news of Chris S. I just loved the guy on TSN and I was going to send TSN an email this coming season to ask why he has been away from his panel teammates so long … he was my fave member of that team, especially considering he had a terrific knowledge of the game from so many aspects and player positions. With his awesome career as an OL he provided exceptional knowledgeable input to each game and its players. The last recollection of him was when his Dad passed and that was very difficult on him. My condolences to his family...Not having ever met him I am very saddened, and will miss his smile !!!

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The line is where games are won and lost. His knowledge of football was great and I loved listening to him on TV.

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