The CFL Matters

So says the Globe and Mail. Nothing new, but still a great read.

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"Most compelling is the revelation that Canadians' attachment to the CFL as a distinct cultural institution outweighs their affinity for the CFL game itself. Canadians care deeply about the CFL, but don't necessarily consider it a more entertaining option than the NFL, with roughly one-third expressing a preference for NFL football, one-third for the CFL and one-third preferring both."

That's an interesting interpretation of the survey. To put a different spin on the results: Only one-third of those surveyed prefer the NFL over the CFL. Two out of three Canadians prefer either the CFL only or both.

Still, a responsible article. Kudos to the Globe and Dave Naylor for that. Generally good reporting.

Interesting read for sure …

Wasn't this author the same poster looking for the "anti-NFL" crowd or "NFL-hater" crowd? I don't know. This article is well written and treads very carefully especially for GC Week.

But still feels a "move over bacon - here comes something meatier" article, a warning of sorts that the days of the "homegrown" "unique" experience of the CFL are limited. I could almost hear the doom and gloom horn playing while I read it.

There's no getting around the issue; pretty much every article we read about the CFL from now on will reference the NFL in Toronto issue. We're just going to have to get used to it and hope that Cohon can negotiate and lucrative deal with the NFL that will mitigate any damage the presence of a team in Toronto might cause.

Trying to cash in on all the hype surrounding the Grey Cup for sure. The Globe's CFL coverage blows. Actually, the whole sports section is bush.

We can agree there. Have fun watching tommorrow eh! Cheers!


There's no getting around the issue; pretty much every article we read about the CFL from now on will reference the NFL in Toronto issue.
I guess he was fairly balanced for a change, after all it is Grey Cup Weekend...He only mentioned the NFL 26 times.

The Bills are under contract till 2012 to play at Ralph Wilson Stadium, so the CFL has 5 years to develop a plan to compete with the NFL and fight for that elusive sports entertainment doller, adding 2 easten teams is a must,this will help rejuvenate Argo intrest and increase the leagues fan base........GO RIDERS

re the part about more passing-3 down football, forces offences to design plays that will on average make more yardage than 4 down football, hence more excitement in 3 down football, as well a recent survey that approximately 2/3 of nfl team are under 500 winning %, and are Bad football teams. The article does point to 2 star nfl qb,s but fails to mention any others. IMO the article is trying to promote the nfl to cfl fans? :twisted:

edit trolling

You have the right to your opinion.
And I'm not going to respond again.
Because I know what you're tyin' to do.

But hows about Pittsburgh 3 Miami 0?
Bye bye

re-The only problem is that CFL receivers drop most of the passes.---------- this is a false statement, you should retract it, truth is a bad nfl team will not have fan support in T.O and will fold, a colossal fossil :cowboy:

Why does this game keep coming up? It's hardly reflective of the entire season.

I don't get why this continues to be an issue with some of you. If you're so convinced that Canadian football is superior in quality, why are you so paranoid about it? You accuse the media of focusing on the negative, yet one score out of about 150 games played is repeatedly referred to. There have been some pretty entertaining NFL games too.

You know what the facts are. CFL games outdraw NFL games in viewership. That's it. What more do you need to know? This is despite any actual or perceived media slant towards the NFL. That tells me that their (the media's) impact is limited then.

So...f'em. Ignore guys like wewantthenfl who in one post shows his cluelessness. You're right to ignore him going forward.

You want to take an extra step? Choose an amateur team to support as well if you don't already. Bigger crowds at those levels (CIS and junior) will make them hard to ignore and the attachment to 3-down football even more obvious.

I think the CFL vs NFL argument is one you can never win. You won't change someone's mind.

When I was a teenager I preferred the NFL simply because following the Riders was such a joke that I like a league that was well-run. I don't recall an NFL team ever drafting a dead guy. It was only personal experience that showed me that the Canadian version of the game is better.

Those who prefer the NFL have their reasons and the only way they'll change their minds is on their own. Arguing with them probably just makes them dig their heels deeper. So why bother?

You make a good argument CRF, but it is really difficult to remain silent when an arrogant troll like wewantthenfl, in the face of overwhelming evidence that the CFL is preferred in Canada, stridently responds with anti-CFL propaganda, implying that the majority of Canadians love an inferior brand of football and are blind to the obviousness of that “fact.”

It’s not so much that anybody is trying to win him over from the dark side, but are rather answering him with the same tone of sarcasm that he consistently injects in these forums. After all, he rarely if ever engages in any debate on the topic, but instead he simply shows up, lies through his teeth, then refuses to respond to any posts challenging him. So people respond sarcastically out of frustration. It’s understandable don’t you think?

Absolutely. It would be hypocritical of me to say otherwise when I've jumped in to correct what I feel has been unfair or innacurate arguments against the Ottawa market.

I guess what I have a hard time wrapping my head around is that nearly any negative comment against the CFL is viewed as some kind of conspiracy or threat against the league. That's not necessarily the case.

Also, I think those that fight fire (inaccurate comments about the CFL) with fire (inaccurate comments about the NFL) are going about it the wrong way. Fight innacuracies with accuracies. Point to the increased ratings and attendance numbers because those are factual. In other words, fighting fire with fire just makes a bigger fire. Fight fire with water.

Or another argument you could make:

But CFL quarterbacks had a collective completion percentage of 54.9%. Especially if you take into account knockdowns, interceptions, and throwaways -- none of which could be called "dropped" -- how is it possible that over half of the passes thrown were caught if, as he insists, "receivers drop most passes"?

...Dave, I'll take "wewantthenfl doesn't know too much" for $200.....

He knows well enough. He just chooses to ignore the facts and spew whatever scurrilous lies suit his own anti-CFL agenda.

probably if you ignore him, he'll eventually get bored & go away?

Those who know, know the facts.

These kind of people want attention so the best remedy is don't give them any. :slight_smile:

I enjoy both - the NFL and the CFL and I think they play a complimentary role to each other.

Let's face it, some will become NFL fans and then discover the CFL and vice versa.