The CFL marketing to a younger generation

Great idea. I’ve always wondered why it’s not.

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A lack of vision from the CFL, zero credibility because of a cancelled season among other things.

I believe the merger talks with the XFL was a misguided attempt by some owners (the 3 major Canadian markets) to cash in to recoup some of their losses, their right, because of their inability to promote the league as it's getting lost in the shuffle.

I haven't given up on the CFL yet, but I am losing my faith in the league.


Hang in there.....we’re not done yet.


Ticats have had a partnership with hamilton public library for over a decade, i know last year Ticats Defensive Back Mike Daly did a mini virtual workout for the summer reading club so some teams/ players themselves do make a effort to market the game to younger generation just cfl head office needs to do alot better


The CFL should hire a social media influencer to help spread the awareness of the CFL among young people.

Push the party atmosphere in CFL stadiums. Make it a place to be among young fans


Tailgating is a must, along with a consistent schedule (no Thursdays, and no triple headers).

Look to other leagues (AFL, NRL, EPL) for ideas like having a championship at the same venue year after year to save costs of organizing the Grey Cup. It also will help with U Sports with the pairing up with the Grey Cup.

Honestly, the American influence of the CFL needs to be phased out but it won't happen as there's just a lack of depth of Canadian talent at the amateur level.

As good as the two new stadiums in Winnipeg and Regina are, I believe they dropped the ball when they didn't put a roof over them.

The stadium situation in Calgary and Montreal and for most part Toronto is inexcusable.

Absolutely. A seemingly inexpensive and simple direction to take.


Tailgating should be explored, but it shouldn't devolve into debauchery like it does in Buffalo.

Thursday night football is now a must for taking action on single game betting.

Yes to pairing USPORTS with the CFL leading up to the Grey Cup.

Canopies can be work as well as a roof to protect the fans from the elements. Most soccer stadiums use canopies in their design.

Calgary definitely needs a new stadium, renovations won't cut it. They will have to wait for another Oil boom to make it happen. Maybe Montreal can lease Saputo Stadium for their games, but they lose the downtown district

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Still at a loss of how the city of Montreal mishandled a stadium design of that size.

When the Expos began they were promised a domed stadium by 1972.

Took another 4 years and many overruns and it still wasn't ready for the Olympics.

That's probably the main reason there's a lack of an appetite for a public funded stadium nowadays.

In other news Chris Cuthbert was able to call the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in his broadcasting career.

Should have happened over 20 years ago.

He will be missed on the CFL broadcasts.


Didn't help that the Montreal Mafia got involved in building contracts for the Big Owe


I thought Cuthbert did a poor job announcing. The pace of the game was too fast for him. You can notice he is use to the interruption of football action to organize his thoughts in comparison to the continued action of a live Hockey game. Cuthbert tried to tell a story during the action and he didn't describe the play to the viewers. It didn't help that Craig Simpson interjected.

But, I'll chalk that up to first time jitters calling the play on the Stanley Cup Finals

Ah yes the famous Mafia in Montreal.

It was 25 years too late. Still better than Bob Cole.

But Bob had the voice and great timing on calling plays like Mario scoring on the poor Dallas Star goalie many years ago. "Oh Baby!"


Sorry he's too much of a Leafer to be considered a good play by man.

I would put Danny Galavin, Dan Kelly, Don Whittmen, Jim Robson, Joe Bowen, Mark Lee, Doc Emerick over Bob Cole any day.

Oh, I forgot about Gord Miller and Chris Cuthbert.

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maybe they should get teens to do play by play

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Danny Galavin those were the days . PBP for the ages .

They need to call it like they are calling a game on the radio for me .

The PBP calling was so vivid .


Galivan was the best. You say Cole is a Leaf homer, Joe Bowen is the worst announcer. I'm glad he got banished to radio.

Emerick is overrated, but he gets a mention because he is American. Gary Thorne was a good US announcer. I'm surprised that he didn't catch on with ESPN once it secured the NHL TV deal

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Oh yeah I forgot about Gary Thorne. Maybe he's still doing Mets games.