The CFL marketing to a younger generation

Sorry did not mean for you to take it personal,just don't think we should be paying billions of $ for a left wing network. Not that other networks are not also left wing, but at least they are private companies.

Keep in mind a lot of my hostility towards the CBC comes from them dropping and trashing the CFL


Canada has one of the lowest rates of funding per capita towards public broadcasting in the western world.

If CBC's perspectives are too woke.. its probably because they can only afford unpaid Ryerson/OCAD student interns to run their operation.

In Norway, the CBC's equivalent NRK has like a dozen radio service offerings from NRK's P1 through P3+, kids content, news, sports etc. CBC has Radio 1, CBC Music and the CBC Listen app with its French counterparts and that's it.

CBC TV is so woefully underfunded it has to sell advertising despite being a public broadcaster. That's kind of antithetical to the idea of public broadcasting.

There is a space in the public discourse for media that addresses issues that aren't lowest common denominator or profitable enough to highlight and media that serves all regions (especially remote ones) regardless if there's a commercial market for it or not.


Well, reading the CFL fan forums would likely lead to the opposite conclusion.

Have to agree, but as I read the forum posts, more and more I agree with the premise that this type of social interaction is favoured more by right wingers than left. Those with strong opinions are obviously more likely to want to post them, and we are all also well aware that right wingers have never met a conspiracy they did not love!:wink:


Personally I would love it if we all cease to use Left/Right descriptors overall.


yeah, I am neither left nor right. I am the total package :slight_smile:

Yup and a new blue truck.
You been on any road trips at all?
Maybe come to Kamloops to watch Training Camp.? That's a fun relaxing park they use there. Very scenic.

IN 8 months, I have travelled a whopping 1700k.

Thinking of take a road trip in Sept things works out.

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I hear you. I get it the CBC stopped bidding for pro sports as the price was above their budgetary means. Imagine how much the CBC would have lost like how Rogers/Sportsnet have lost overpaying for the NHL rights and loss of advertising revenue from Canadian team making it to the Stanley Cup Final(sans Habs run this year).

The CBC is at least receptive to the CFL by having their reporter Devin Heroux keeping tabs on the league. If there was negativity, it was about the lack of transparency the league operated under, the same ire that many of us fans have.

You have a wonderful day

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Some good ideas. I would also argue that the CFL could reach youth by allowing season ticket holders (who have been for at least 5 years) to select the starting offensive and defensive line ups via an App for every game. Like they do for the All-Star game in baseball.

That sounds like the Fan Controlled Footbal(FCF). No thanks


Season ticket holders are already going to the games. You need to reach the youths that are not. It's an interesting puzzle. It might be time to hire a 10 year old to figure it out.

Hand out freebie tickets to local youth org's and sports teams.

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The CFL has no clue how to market. Freebies do not work its a game day fix plus if the game is a dog "good luck". You have to change the game day atmosphere. In Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver make the game an event with free digital social media access. That's the future now.

It's individual teams that have their own marketing departments.

Your answer is "free digital social media access" ?? most people now have unlimited data plans, I would imagine young people who are on their phones have unlimited data. There is nothing wrong with the game day atmosphere.

Tired of hearing about lack of marketing or not enough money thrown at it. That's not the reason for attendance slide in the big cities or the drop in TV ratings.
The problem as has been mentioned hundreds of times before is that sports fans in the big cities especially Toronto do not see the CFL as major league.
Can't do anything about that, they can't get the young demographic interested.
The average 12k fans for Argo games is a permanent thing, it's not going to increase unless they get more games against the Ticats.
MLSE will continue to operate the team with small crowds and big losses, they can afford to, no other owner would put up with that.

The PNE always gave out 2 free tickets to every kid with their finale report card every year. I you lived in the Vancouver area you could go on Mondays. If you lived outside like Gibsons or Prince George you could go any day. Why not do this. A good chance that 2 tickets might bring a family of 4.

And in Toronto a ticket to an Argo game gets you into the CNE.
$20 tickets to an Argo game.

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sadly a lot of musicians argos brought in aren't that well known so it didn't really help matters

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yeah The Reklaws are part of Universal music and no doubt other's are


Players doing school visits when they could before this pandemic happened and CFLPA and having partnership for video messages no doubt can help market the league to the younger generation , i myself became a ticat fan in 2004 due to a player visiting my elementary school when i was 10 . been a fan for 17 years now