The CFL marketing to a younger generation

No one in Canada is rich enough to pay for the outrageous expansion fee. You're looking at seven billion dollars in US funds because that is what Dan Snyder wants for his Commies from Jeff Bezos.

No level of Gov't will pay for a two billion dollar stadium for a venue that will be used eight or nine times a year.

Can't bring up musical acts using said venue because musical acts hardly do stadium tours anymore other than Taylor Swift. Rocks acts won't do it anymore because it's too expensive for them to it or retiring like Elton John.

You forgot the epic failure of the Bills in Toronto Series. The Shield doesn't like to be embarrassed. They rather go to Mexico as their coach are caught red handed with a senorita and sent home before the Federales get involved.

The Washington Post has a photo of a young Jerrah(15 yrs) blocking Black students from entering a college in Little Rock

Not sure what does that have to do with this topic but ok.

Guess we losing the premise of this topic

Which part? I don't speak cryptic

That part of Jerry Jones stopping students from entering a school in brief tidbit you wrote up above.

Go ask mahalcfers, he brought him up. I just gave him an update. It's verified in Pro Football Talk

It wasn't me that brought it up.

You may have to show that post.

It's been a worthwhile discussion, but we should return to the topic of improvement of marketing to the youth.

As I have noted above and in other threads, the CFL need not re-invent the wheel but merely engage better marketing help from those who already know how to reach the youth better.

Such help is not going to be at TSN or even via Disney / ESPN for sake of sport.

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Exaclty. A decade ago, the CFL was doing just fine with Sunday games outdrawing NFL telecasts despite the latter being on over the air TV.

Bell/TSN retreated from Sunday. They burried the CFL on subscription TV. They further burried the CFL by regionalizing games that used to be guaranteed national telecasts.

They took the CFL for granted and, as exclusive media rights holders, are just as responsible as the CFL leadership itself for the overall decline in relevance.


It's located several posts up. It's the one with a winking emoji.

I'm not laying any blame towards you. I just wanted to give you a news update on the latest episode of Jerry Jones escapades.

Oh that one. All I said was Jerry Jones knows what he's doing.

What's his latest one?

Didn't know about him stopping students when he was 15

Would you be able to send or post the article.

Fees varied by franchise and what was actually collected also varied, but no mistake the league would not have made it through that time without it. The last Ottawa expansion fee was reportedly in the $7 million range.


If you want to improve marketing to the youth, understand what it is that makes young Canadians interested in the NFL. Is it the gambling aspect? Good marketing? Not being aware of the CFL or other football options? Once you have an idea of that, you can start to work on it for the CFL.


The CFL do not care about making a connection to children or youth ....

whether it's leagues , toys , games , merchandise thru fast food ,

Nothing nada it's invisible ...

When I was a kid I had at least a crappy CFL electronic game , CFL helmets thru Dairy Queen , Eatons and Simpson sears Christmas catalogue had CFL clothes , sleep wear etc ....

There was displays set up in places like Ogilvies in Ottawa for the Rough Riders ....

Ottawa Rough Rider Jerseys were prevelant in stores to buy ...

The CFL was relevant ....

Today there is a lack of a connection thru the playing of the game or for getting kids interested .


it could be perception.


Teams themselves are involved with youth programs so not fully true . league itself doesn't care about marketing to younger generation though


If the league doesn't care, why do we?

Yes the CFL have individual experiences that come thru a team's player representing them here and there or selling a group experience at games

they have that part down and is complimentary to the individual organization

but that is not comparable to the league's mass branding experience to the over all connection to youth football programs , connecting to U sports , junior programs and using the CFL brand awareness in merchandising , video games , co branding with other businesss in collecting collectibles , brand merchandise presence in sports departments or tourist areas , promoting star players , media partner not using it's full resources within it's platform for promotional purposes , etc etc ....


Two things happened the

CRTC removed can con for daytime TV .

Bell media won the NFL rights over Global TV .

I would add the third the new

Argos ownership of a money losing team who just happens to have a key TV demographic and key corporate headquarters

with owners Bell media and LT later as MLSE

It now causes a further awkward relationship that is complicating any endeavour to have a competitive market in not just valuations of media deals but actual scheduling like Sundays or the production and promotion of the product .

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No doubt they used to do a way better job league wise , i remember the wendys ads back in 2000s

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See the Washington Post about that