The CFL Live Play-by-Play needs a clock!!

The CFL Live Play-by-Play needs a clock!!
Scrap the Play # with the time. Who really cares what play # it is. It would be nice to know when the plays are happening.

why? do u want to see or watch Winnipeg lose another 1 :lol: faster or on time lmao :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, I don't see the need.

I agree with 28
I dont care how many plays have been made! I would like to see how much time is left in the half or game!

I was reading the Toronto Ham game and I had to assume the game was over because it just stopped posting!

There were a few bugs in posting in that game, it seems a changes need to be made to make it more accurate.

PS-the mistake is still there the Quarter score for the Ti-Cats doesnt add up to 21, but 24.

I also agree. Play 174 in the fourth quarter tells me nothing.

A clock is definitely needed.

I'd also like a scroll lock to look through the plays easier. Pressing the up and down button takes way to long.