The CFL in Quebec the real story

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Dossier : LCF – Québec (1)

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Will one of you guys give as a translation?

To make a long story short. While there is interest in owning a team in Quebec City there is now will or anything in the works to provide the city with a stadium that can accomodate a CFL franchise.

So yes there is a football market, there are people willing to poney up the 10 million but there is not and likely will not be a stadium built unless it is from private funds only.

Correction: 10 millions? No, much, much more then 40 millions.


Really good blogging!

So Bellemare and Saint-Marche have officially teamed up, eh? That's very good news.

I think they should follow the lead of Jeff Hunt in Ottawa by making a big press conference with graphics and a stadium proposal. That would get a lot of people excited and put pressure on politicians to take a position.

Yeah two people with no money instead of one LOL!

10 million is for a franchise and startup costs. I think your talking the cost of a stadium.


Well, they wouldn't have to worry about the league saying bye, bye we're moving your team to the USA like what happened with the Nordiques, that should be a plus.





It's the economy dudes. What is lacking now is investors. They got hit hard when the economy tanked and they need to recover. You can see from the Rouge et Or that the market potential in this geographic sector is very attractive, but investing now will not solve the high magnitude losses that investors are trying to recoup. Once the dust settles and investors have rebounded from their losses you will start to see interest in relatively low-yield profit ventures like the CFL. The Quebec City market will be forefront in discussions because it has proven through the college ranks that there is a viable sustainable market for Canadian football in that region. Patience is the virtue that we all have to have.

There was an interview before friday's game vs Toronto with Cohon on RDS. He clearly stated that the next move for the CFL was Moncton and that Quebec city was not in the CFL plans at this time.

He was just being politically polite. There is no way that Moncton will get a team before Quebec City. New Brunswick would not be an economically sound decision anyway. Halifax makes more sense for a Maritime partnership. But in terms of growth for the league it will start with the repatriation of Ottawa.........then Quebec will join in, and finally the Maritime connection.....will not be Moncton...very likely Halifax. opinion. :cowboy:

He was not Robocop, who ever gets a stadium first will have a hard look, Moncton are getting a 20k stadium, that can easily be expanded to 25k the minimum required, so their first step will be pre season games to gauge interest in CFL Football.
Quebec city is still not getting the government support for a new stadium, and that is because the local politician or university leaders are not for it, they are spending 75$ million for the PEPS but not a cent for the PEPS football stadium expansion, there was a push to do so, but the QC rector xnayed it, and the mayor is lukewarm at best.

O.K. SectionW but capacity at Moncton Stadium is 10,000. They would need a significant expansion to reach the 25,000 but I have seen word that this is being considered.

The capacity will be 20k they add 10k of temp seats to the 10k of permanent seats. And the municipal gov there has shown support for a CFL team, i am not saying it will go there, but do not discard it.

Sorry i should have added i think the CFL wants to test the interest and plkay while the stadium has 20k seats, good opportunity to test the water.

Cohon seemed pretty serious during the interview. Moncton has a population of 125000, Fredericton has 50000 and is quite far from Moncton. That's pretty much it for New Brunswick, I doubt that's enough for a pro sport team. Having a stadium is one thing but you also need enough people to fill. I don't know how people over there like CFL football but I hope it's a good chunk of the total population. I think it would be a failure. (Quebec City is 700000 and Halifax is aound 400000).

Sound slike not enough, or do they draw more in outlying region?

Saint John is closer to Moncton than Fredericton and it has a population of around 122,000. New Brunswick has a total population of around 1,000,000 and Moncton is close to Nova Scotia and PEI. Having said that there is no ownership group that i know of that have stepped up in Moncton unlike Quebec City. I wish we had a stadium and ownership group in one place.