The CFL hype machine...

....should be the fans!!!!

  1. Whenever you can, wear CFL stuff, jerseys, shirts, hats! Put CFL-related car flags on your car!

  2. Talk CFL with your friends/colleagues! Even marginal or non-CFL fans might get turned on if you talk about the CFL enough, it'll make them wanna check it out!

Anybody have anything to add?


.....bump is right, great observation TIMH, one of the best forms of advertising is word of mouth....I make no bones about which team and league I work, there's a mini helmet on top of my computer screen and other stamps paraphanalia in my office, my partner across the hall is a devote Rider fan and does the same.......a stamps flag rides atop the our backyard we fly a stamps flag on game days, in full view of of a major road in NW calgary.....

........follow TIHM's advice y'all, spread the word........

That's Brilliant!

I think this is the only way we'll get more support and increased fan base!

I admit, I'm not a fan of the Eskimos. But I give credit where credit is due! and if the Esks deserve credit, then you deserve it and I won't knock them.

Write letters to your media , not with your opinion but with the facts :

T.V. ratings , studies , attendence ect...which are posted at this CFL site!

Dispell the Canadian media's myth that the NFL is more popular than the CFL in CANADA. We all know that isn't true , but the media is very slow. [In Ontario , mostly] :thdn:

Why are there no CFL players on the CANADIAN STARS WALK OF FAME , in TORONTO?

There are hockey players but NO CFL players. NO RUSS JACKSON , JOE KROL ...ect. :thdn:

People like us can nominate the people that go on the WALK! We should all nominate some one. :thup:

Write and ask the Canadian Mint why there will be NO CFL team quarters , as they have with hockey. :thdn:

Write the CBC and ask them for a GREY CUP video for last year and for " THE CFL : A PEOPLE'S HISTORY " like the one they have for hockey now! :thup:

Letters do count and work if they get more than 5.They are always looking for new ideas. :thup:

I am e-mailing the Mint.

Can you give me the mint's link? :thup:

I can give you the STARS , nomination site.



[url=] ... efault.htm[/url]

I couldn't agree more with all of you. Hey, I'm in south Louisiana wearing my CFL gear right now. It's always good for a quick conversation when people ask me why I've got on a Montreal jersey. It's also good for confused looks when they find out I write for the league site.

My only regret is that there's no league gear available. I'd love to have some hats, shirts, and jackets sporting the league logo to go along with all my team stuff.

I really envy the sideline timing crews who get all the cool red league stuff. Maybe I should quit my teaching job down here in LA and immigrate so I could be that guy wearing the big orange gloves at games to signal when it's commercial time.

Thanks , that will be 2 e-mails now. It is a start. :thup:

Give me a moment to find the STARS WALK nomination link. :thup:

Chears, jbedell.

I appreciate CFL fans in the US because it must take an extreme amount of dedication to keep track of it with the media talking about NFL and NCAA all the time.

If you move to Canada, chose Toronto! Its the biggest city and needs more CFL fans like you. :thup: Toronto is super-Americanized for the most part and there are so many NFL fans. :thdn:

BTW, I just contacted the CBC. :thup:

E-mail the TOronto Star.

They cover the NFL way to much and the CFL way too little.

I will as well :thup:

Here is the link to nominate a CFL player for THE Canadian Walk Of Fame , in Toronto.

I think that RUSS JACKSON would be our best bet. What do you think?

[url=] ... ns.xml.htm[/url]

The contest is over but you can still nomiate for 2007 :thup:

I just wrote the STAR today about the CFL T.V. contract possibilties article that was posted here. :thup:

I wrote him more facts about the recent CFL T.V. ratings compared to all other sports and showed him the SLAM SPORTS poll final results.

"What is your favourite brand of football?"

NFL 18%

CFL 82% TOTAL # of votes 2992 :thup:

They must think that I am nuts , but you are new and just another person in the game. Imagine if every one here wrote just 1 letter/e-mail?

I just got another idea!


Ok I emailed the RCM or Royal Canadian Mint. and demanded on behalf of the CFL Fans that they do something for the CFL!

I've seen these in Edmonton!

I just suggested to that Site Russ Jackson as well!

Does the CFL need to hype?

Part of the beauty of this league, IMHO, is that this is a meat and potatoes league built on a solid foundation of a great game and a great history.