The CFL game- Pre or post-apocalyptic

Bien dit. Je suis d'accord. Le pape serait-il d'accord?

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If he cares, I'd have to think about his priorities. But I'm not religious so I probably shouldn't even be saying anything here. Even saying that --going to stop now... :slightly_smiling_face: Oops..

This is huge. Maybe not for this thread, but it does leave me thinking and wondering, and hurting my head. My heart as well. What has happened?


The league most likely will expand south for the final time without Canadians and most likely die .

The better choice is having our own create a base to actually play the game at smaller level of stadium attendance so more communities can join the league .

If anything this league should be going the other way and create a system for more Canadians wanting to play our version and play into the pros of OUR version .

The league is already labeled as a NFL rejects league .

Having no Canadians playing it becomes even more fake NFL lite .

I don't watch the CFL for our rules never have I continued to watch because it 's OUR league which means we play the game .

I could have stopped and maybe should have after so many years without a Canadian quarterbacks who are discriminated against because of nationality .

The Jamie Bone human rights case showed the CFL was a farce for Canadians playing in the CFL .

The CFL not getting the wake up call shows to me this league doesn't give a shit about it being Canadian and continues to lose suppourt and deserves the bad rap it gets from NFL only fans .

Macleans did a great article in 1979 on it how bad the discrimination is in the CFL .

I should have left the league back then when all the evidence pointed that this league is fake NFL lite back then .


Maybe we need to look at everything .

The English premier league has a quota for homegrown players to nurture and protect the Countries development system for homegrown players and this is regarded by many as the best league in the world .

The only reason we talk about alienating our own is because we want to be American like with their leagues which is not sustainable for any Pro league in Canada other than maybe hockey and even that is going away .

So should we join the US .

The state rights system is actually likeable .

Don't like the laws move to another state .

If we get to keep our health care system would anyone really care that is not Quebec .

The world has changed and if the US had a healthcare system would we care so much about our culture here anymore .

The British Colony thing and how this country was built is going away . I can see the queen and royalty removed after the queen passes .

The country places low values on how we become who we are now and only see our heritage as a negative .

If we see no value in our own anymore .

Maybe it's time to join the US with each province as a State .

C'mon Jasmine, the people in the league (and general) do care.

A long time ago -
Speaking for myself I went to play junior football a long way from my home. I was hurt, with a knee injury, but still got offered a practice roster position on a CFL team even further from my home. They treated me with such kindness that I carry that with me to this day. Even when they finally sent me on my way I still got letters - long after - asking me how I was, and encouraging me.

I am what I am today - for good or bad - mostly good I hope - for the way that people treated me when they certainly didn't have to.

I still believe that exists. It's not reported in the media. And there are cases that you can point to that are contrary. I don't know why people have varying experiences within the same context. I only say that things are what we make them. Each is responsible for their happiness and resolve.

I only know this: Don't live with resentment, whether justified or not.


Maple League Football

12 teams across the country. Cheap tickets and no need for $400,000 presidents. $1 million to the championship team.


It's not just Harris. VanZyle, Sinopoli are two others who were converted from other positions and probably wouldn't even be considered, if not for the ratio.

In a perfect world Canadians would be given a chance, but reality has shown to have an inferiority complex towards Canadian players.

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Ok but getting rid of Canadians is not the way to connect to a younger audience.


No Canadian mandates doesn't mean "getting rid of Canadians", just to be accurate on this.

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WTF a long time ago .

Nothing changed .

Saying you were offered a practice roster is not exactly a true experience as a Canadian Qb getting proper opportunity to play the game .

Did you read the article ,

do you know what happened and what changed .

If not c'mon

resentment what are you resentful for they were nice to you .

Sure it does it's easy to find US players willing to play the high risk game with the CFL cheaper .

What are your trying to say?
Personally I'd rather stay away from political. There's too many cans on the shelf for that, and I'm more interested in CFL football talk.

I do get that there's something on your mind. Even though you've typed out quite a bit, maybe elaborate, specifically?

Do you think fans really care about the nationality of the players? If they did wouldn't USport attract more than 500 fans per game? If people really cared about nationality no one in Toronto would attend an MLB or NBA game (and the Argos would sell out). If people cared about nationality no one in California, Florida, Nevada, or Tennessee... would ever attend an NHL game. At the end of the day people want to see the best games & players available.


That's been in the planning stage for a while now.

No question the evidence as you point out indicates exactly this. At some point I predict the CFL will have no Canadian mandates, when that time comes, don't know.

On that note if we wouldn't tolerate what books must be placed in front on our bookstores, why are fans tolerating what type of players must be on the field in a CFL game? But as long as the CFL fans don't seem to care, then the ratio is going to stick around for quite some time I would say:

"Matt Hatfield, campaign director of advocacy group OpenMedia, told the committee that any such promotional requirements should be made optional for users who want them.

“We would never tolerate the government setting rules specifying which books must be placed in front of our bookstores, but that’s exactly what the discoverability provision … of C-11 is currently doing,” he said.

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In fact, it doesn't appear that Canadian libraries are forced to purchase X number of items for their collections written by Canadian authors. However without such mandates, we do see this just as I'm sure CFL teams would also encourage something along these lines for Canadian players if at all possible if it makes sense to have the best team possible, with 'best' meaning to include what that includes for people to purchase tickets to watch their team in their community. That could very well mean having Canadians on the team of course if the community desires this. Coaches would be encouraged to sign Canadians in this case if they are good enough and able to compete with who is in camp:

" The Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA), and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) jointly submits this response to the Government of Canada’s Consultation on a Modern Framework for Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Libraries have a societal role to provide equitable access to information and preserve knowledge. In Canada, the Copyright Act recognizes the unique function of libraries to achieve the government’s public policy objectives around research, innovation and lifelong learning through the Act ’s exceptions and limitations.

CFLA and CARL recognize the cultural importance of Canadian creators, the need to support Canadian heritage, and to provide access to their works. Canadian libraries support Canadian authors and publishers with significant annual purchases and promotion of their print and digital content. Canadian libraries, archives and museums (LAMs) have consistently demonstrated a clear commitment to Canadian heritage."

Sorry but It sounds like you are not really informed on the CFL on how it has existed economically . Not even sure you understand why or how the CFL was formed .

It is not because of a profitable sports entertainment enterprise .

If you think the CFL does not survive with political help again you don't understand on why or how the CFL even exists today .

There is zero business case for the CFL ; none it lives because it's protected with philanthropy and government help .

This league unfortunately has never tried to tie itself to nurturing the league's amateur ranks and developing the league within Canada because of the easier , cheaper and quicker way of just dipping their hand south and grabbing a huge quantity of players coming out of US colleges .

The product is quick fixes and air lifts from the cuts in the NFL and people looking in see that fact and turn away from the league as simply a place where rejects play .

That continued way of doing business will always be the CFL's achilles heal to being seen as OUR league .

If the result is you want the best it ain't found in our league no matter how many airlifts you try .

The league is better forging our own if not then open the borders and let's play American football with the best players and see what happens .

It's not about the quirky rules and never has been it's about us Canadians trying to forge our own identity which if you understood is political . The whole Canada existence is based on British ties that have waned .

You should understand the history of the country before thinking this league is about a independent sports business model that is successful . It never has and will never be .

Here's an idea. Scrap the ratio thing immediately. Still have a Canadian draft and X percentage of players in camp must be Nationals, whatever the value of X is determined.

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When you look at the books of the teams that make them public, it sure seems there is a business case for the CFL.

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