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Does anybody think, or know for that matter if the CFL uses this forum or forums like this to attain knowledge of their fans and what their fans think about the CFL eg. the shameful officiating (although the sask/montreal game seemed to have good reffing all around. I noticed the refs were that senior group of guys)

Well, good reffing in one game doesn't mean that they're listening to the fans, it means that they're doing their jobs.

I don't think that there's anyone who very seriously watches the forums from the CFL.

i didnt mean that the reffing improved cuz people bitched about it i was just giving the refs some credit thats all. usually they are garbage but this last was good reffing. they do need to put in some hours though. the thought of another playoff game being decided by a bad call is scary.

It would seem to me to make sense if the CFL would at least get online and into the forum to hear what the true football fans are saying and take into consideration any suggestions that are made to improve the product they put on the field. It might inspire people to tell others about the league and this might make the fringe football fan actually follow the CFL. This in turn might actually increase their fan base and get more people to attend CFL games. I'm no genius but this makes sense to me and could really benefit the CFL. What a novel concept!

But they don't.

They should, they can learn abou my ideas. 8)

Who is to say they don't? I couple of times there have been discussions about calls or rule and George Black explained the in the ask the ref section.

I know Singor Mobley responds on the TSN respond to topic things.

I would expect that they scan these boards, at least briefly ... I'm sure they're not paying someone to watch the forums full-time, but it would make sense to know what's being written on your website's boards ...