The CFL Express Train to visit 100 cities
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This link should last longer , sorry.

when will they show what towns it'll be in

I have no idea but they should release a sched. at some point.

What a great idea :thup:

here is a little more from

Some dates are posted and check out the video for the tour at : :rockin:

Great initiative/great promotion for the CFL.


Can't wait until it rolls through Ottawa in October.

(And nice to see Kate McKenna again in that video. Best Ticats TV host ever, IMO.)

The CFL has NEVER promoted anything like this before. What a GREAT year it's turning out to be. GO CFL! :rockin:

YES :thup:

You can get a CFL 100th Ann. , BUCKET with pop corn in it , at the movies.

You will be able to buy CFL stamps , CFL pre paid post cards and a CFL stamp despencer at the post office.
They might even be a 100th Grey Cup CFL coin.

The CFL / 100th Grey Cup and museum cross country train tour with players and activities.

The 8 G.C. documentaries on TSN & CTV

The Santa Claus parade in Toronto attracts 1 million people and SANTA will have the G.C. with him on his sled.

Then there is the 10 day G.C. festival with a football movie festival , parties at Yonge and Dundas Square and zip lines at city hall , ect...

The CFL is doing this right. :thup: :rockin:

I wonder if they will get someone to make a model railway replica of the CFL Express Train.

I’d love to have that in my rec room. :thup:

This is an excellent idea and hopefully there will not be the vast majority again who will keep saying how the league has not marketed itself?

Just don't read , The GLOBE [made in , Toronto] The Toronto Star and The Toronto Sun and every one will be fine. :wink:

People who say the league hasn't marketed itself enough, a tired mantra, probably just don't really have a love for all things gridiron. It's amazing in this day and age of the Internet and all games of the CFL on TV that some people seem to imply they don't know any of the players etc. Strange. Just watch the games and follow, you'll learn plenty as we all do. The Leafs are all over the place on the news of course but I don't know much about them or the players. Why? Because I don't watch much hockey and certainly not much Leafs hockey.

That would be really smart. I would buy 1 for my brother in law in Japan and 1 for myself and I don't even like train models.

If you want to know the names of players on the various teams in the league well then educate yourself.
It's no different with any other league, save and except the in your face constant over the top 24/7 coverage whether it is the NHL, MLB, NFL etc.
Which leaves our poor league literally in the dark.

Well , at least now the CFL realizes that you can't count on any help from the Toronto sports media to help sell the game.
So , in the long long maybe that is a good thing. I have never seen the CFL promote a season the way that they are promoting this one. TSN does a great job too with CFL commercials on every single channel that BELL owns including CTV.
BELL owns many cable stations.


This is just an awesome idea, I am very happy with the CFL for doing something like this. Its a very symbolic, very Canadian tour. Think of how deeply rooted the rail system is in our Canadian heritage combined with, next to the Stanley Cup, the most historic championship prize in North America. They're literally pulling out all the stops going coast to coast with this. As a Nova Scotian it brings me great pride that the CFL will be bringing this traveling museum to my home province and people on in the Maritimes will get to experience the Grey Cup and be able to physically connect with the CFL. It's unfortunate that Newfoundland will be left out though. Nevertheless, this is something that all Canadians should be proud of sports fans or not. This is similar to the Olympic torch run for the Olympics a few years ago, a national celebration of sport and unity as a country.

What an exciting year to be a CFL fan.

I seriously doubt Newfoundland will be left out. They have stated they will be making road (and airplane) trips to communities not served by rail, and that includes the eastern most province and the far north.

This is a funky old school idea that I think the public, particularly families with children, are going to love. Even an old coot like me would love it too I'm sure. The ones who may not be so into it are the older teens and young adults who are heavily invested in social media and the like.