The CFL Expansion Thread

Baltimore is proof of concept. But whenever the mostly "Western minority" like to recall expansion they go straight to the Canadian anthem butchered in Vegas.

I get it, CFL is successful and economically viable for Community owned teams in smaller markets. However it does not fit in any of the large Canadian cities and it will only get worse with these cities becoming more and more ethnic.

Only a matter of time before the league loses franchises.

True Statement about the Vegas Incident and those from the Prairie Provinces -

70% of the Canadian population lives between Quebec City and Detroit - it makes sense to put teams within bus and car travel distance of that lump of humanity in eastern Canada - the thing that will kill Halifax is that every game someone gets on a jet - you could have crappy attendance in Albany, Rochester or Grand Rapids and still come out ahead just on travel costs - Logistics - Any other location picked in BC travel is going to be a killer -

Think about the fact that the NFL moved a franchise to Baltimore to kill off the CFL expansion in the States - that speaks volumes about how successful the CFL was in the States - That wasn't an accident or happenstance that was the NFL dropping a nuke on something it feared -


US side of the border means those teams will have only Americans as they wouldn't be required to have Canadian players.

The US population is 330,000,000 million. Canada has 38,000,000. The American pool of football players is huge and would be a massive advantage for American teams.
Get rid of the ratio and the exodus of Canadian franchises to the US will begin. We already watched this play out with the NHL. Some people have a short memory.

If the CFL did serious marketing targeting ethnic groups then I think they could turn things around in the major cities. There are football leagues all over the world including Japan, China, India, etc. Some of these people will at least be aware of football in general and if the CFL let's them know that they exist then they'll be doing better than they were before. We'll see if Doman can reach out to the Indo Canadian community in BC. I'd like to see what Genius sports does for the league as well over the next year.


That isn't true at all. A football league could get an exception that would allow the league to keep a ratio, just like the NFL has an anti-trust exception. It is just that the last time the league expanded, they never bothered as they rushed into it out of panic and had no political connections to make it happen.

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No it won't. Not because it is "football". Immigrants who come to Canada have other priorities and spending insane money on tickets to go watch sporting events is trivial and way, way down the list. This is not a knock on them, in fact I admire that they prioritize getting their kids educated, paying off their mortgage early and building businesses.

Good luck with that. Even if they did, the first Americans cut from the team would challenge it in court.

I dunno I don't think that is necessary . The costs are not high for rosters and the deal today covers it and the deal today has not increased in proper evaluations with other similar products domestically for live sports content value .

The money is there if there is expansion they get more content .

The problem with the CFL is the lack of teams for sufficient content to bid on .

The more content the greater the media deal etc .... .

The greater the auxillary revenue deals including more streaming revenue the need to rely on bums in the seats becomes less .

Reality today the CFL is a 20 k league . Dropping it down by 5 k to get more teams and nothing says it needs to stay at 15 k if there is greater interest and better stadiums in time . Bring down start up costs and bring in more investors for ownership that can build within that new CFL community .

The issue for the CFL is lack of growth especially domestic growth .

Take away the infrastructure barrier to a more modest means and gain exponentially with rapid growth in revenue is in their grasp .

Will they do it history says no and we will be here again and again looking at fire trucks circling around the league .

The CFL is already modest in costs compared to others especially when you consider the crazy roster sizes .

The CPL and the CFL both have a chance to take advantage of the new technology of the times and move quickly to modest facilities to gain growth and get some deals for stream starved Live content .

CFL of course has a proven audience domestically to take advantage of content . International audience has no where else to go but up as it's not really beyond start up level .


Good point about a reduction in travel costs, but the options mentioned (Albany, Rochester and Grand Rapids) are "pie in the sky".

:rofl: The NFL doesn't and didn't fear the CFL. Baltimore was on the NFL's doorstep and was supposed to get an expansion team in the early 1990's. Baltimore Bombers. Look it up. :smiley:

The level of players that end up on US CFL rosters are going to be about what it is now - I don't think that Americans are going to swamp CFL rosters and tip the balance of power -

Yeah you don't want to end up in the American court system in front of a judge arguing about labor practices -

The only reason the Browns ended up in Baltimore was they were willing to pay for the stadium as Cleveland couldn't get a deal done.

The CFL wasn't a factor in that decision although it was coincidental about the timing of that announcement.


I can agree with you when you say that the level of US players stays the same……The problem will be that the Canadian teams will become the “have not” teams in the league due to the fact that they are required to have a ratio of Canadian players (who are less developed than US players). This will lead to Canadian teams folding / moving to the US (if those imaginary US teams become successful).

If the ratio is eliminated, then the league will be flooded with US players, the Canadian teams will lose their identity and the CFL will become another US football league….and you know how many of those there have been and how long those last. The exception is the Arena League (now defunct) but I wouldn’t compare 8 man hockey rink football to the CFL.

What do I suggest? I suggest a 10 team league coast to coast. Keep moving forward with Atlantic Canada as there is a group that has come forward and is working with the league. Good expansion will come after the Coast to Coast league is strengthened…. but it will take time. London and Quebec City are the only true possibilities (in my opinion). Nobody is willing to step up and put their money into those two expansion possibilities at this point.

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There are no coincidences with Billion dollar monopolies like the NFL - There are no accidents or twists of fate with those types of outfits -

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They ,Art Modell and the city of Baltimore, could have waited until after November 20 (Grey Cup was on November 19th in Regina) to make that announcement.

That press conference took place on November 4th right before the CFL playoffs.

I guess the CFL was truly invisible even in Baltimore.


Before the pandemic, I met an older white male who was from Halifax at a wedding - stereotypical CFL demographic right? I asked him about what he thought the fan interest was for the prospective team there at the time. Not only did he say there really wasn't any, he wasn't a fan of the CFL either.

Not sure how connected to the grass roots the CFL is in the Maritimes really.


No! When they saw that franchise in Shreveport and the attendance in Memphis, the franchise in Miami that didn’t survive its first press conference, they were quaking in their boots!

I would rank anything in the USA with a Stadium above Halifax, Quebec City or Kamloops or Victoria - Americans love football and have Stadiums - and will build stadiums - good luck getting a new stadium built in Canada anytime in the next 10 years - Halifax has been rumored for 40 years - When the CFL opened up for American expansion there were 6 teams - at one point or another -

You could have 5 teams up and running in the USA a hell of a lot quicker than you could get a team in Halifax - Shreveport had a team for two years and that was ten years after the rumblings of Halifax started - and here we are 30 years late an still no Halifax - You could go to Shreveport tomorrow and probably raise 10 million for an expansion fee and team - and play in the Liberty Bowl within 2 years - and probably draw 20 K a game - which is in line with domestic CFL attendance numbers -


There’s already a stadium in Moncton that can be upgraded. Halifax voted to invest in millions into a stadium…. Then Covid put it on the backburner. ..which would also put US expansion down a few notches on your ranking system.

Oh really? And why didn’t the XFL, AFL (fill in the blank), go there then?