The CFL Doing Things Right

First, this is going to be a thread about the league doing the smart or right things to promote and market itself. So if you are a negative troll and want to troll please go somewhere else or start your own thread and help the league thrive by posting your negative garbage elsewhere.

Maripier Morin x Alouettes Football! | Brodie OT September 23, 2016

Maripier Morin and I chill at the Als game!

A couple of weeks ago we invited Maripier Morin to come to Percival Molson Stadium to take in her very first Alouettes game! You might recognize the Canadian celeb from Hockey Wives OR her now infamous Justin Trudeau photo bombed selfie OR her TV show called Maripier on ZTele. MP joined me for a Facebook live before we were given the VIP treatment by the Alouettes and enjoyed the game on a perfect fall night from a box. MP brought her bud Cindy along and we all had such a great time! Since our FB Live (which I know many of you watched- thank you!) SO many people have asked me questions about MP so let me answer a few and you can learn more about her and our time at the game by watching the video below:

  • She is a doll – seriously one of the sweetest, funniest and kindest people I’ve met. She has time for everyone and is really really really funny
  • If it’s possible she is even MORE beautiful in real life
  • Prepare for a cliche…she is VERY down to earth (and has incredible style)
  • Yes, I want to be her BFF

Maripier Morin x Football | Brodie OT YouTube Video

What I like about the above is that it was targeted to women (unlike another sport that seems to go out of its way to antagonize and discourage women from being fans) Brodie is an excellent representative for the CFL as is TSN's Baronness when she is called upon.

The video more or less portrays what CFL games are trying to be, an event at the place to be.

A really cool, subtle (maybe not) moment came at the end when they were trying to get single women to come meet guys at the Alouettes games. This is the stuff going forward how professional sports are going to have to operate. They have to make the game the place to be and not so much a football game itself.

Pro sports can't just support themselves with the diehards, they need to get out the casual fan as well, something the BJs have done very well the last few years with young people.

Not sure how important this is, but I have noticed POST CEREAL has game action photos on select boxes.

Just a little bit more exposure.

Good eye!

You could WIN 1 of 3 Ultimate Experiences at the Grey Cup
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^ That (the cereal boxes) is pretty smart on a lot of levels.

I've been meaning to buy some of those cereal boxes, but I haven't come across them yet.

Don't forget that Ruffles has been promoting the CFL on their bags of chips, too.

Also, I'd like to acknowledge that the TSN panel has been broadcasting from inside stadiums more often, and I'm seeing the overhead cable cam at a lot more regular season games this year.
Both are something I mentioned to the commissioner in a letter to him last year. Glad to see the improvement!

Another good eye! And another well targeted promotion Win Trip to the 104th Grey Cup & weekly prizes

She sold all her belongings, packed a bag & decided to travel Canada with her camera. Check out what happened
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Hey Charukfan, your posted video is chill :thup:

As is your avatar!

Love the cereal boxes! Reminds me of the old Wheatie boxes.

Just get rid of the crappy music at football games and It'll be fine.

Upper Deck CFL collectible players cards :rockin:

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I bought the Drew Willy Honey Comb recently. Great to see anything CFL in the grocery store.

Also, I work for Pepsico/FritoLay Canada, who makes Ruffles.

Our Western CO-OP Grocery chain features GAME DAY APPROVED POTATO CHIPS.

They feature the 4 QB's on each individual bag.


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Thanks Charuk.

Great detail with video.

I do not think our Eastern fans knew what I was talking about.

Thanks for bringing it to people's attention.

Ironically I started this thread without knowing about an article written a few days previously criticizing the league about not doing a good job marketing itself. It had some fairly lame reasons to support the article, much of it media based whining. It reminded me of an article written a while back about what the best CFL stadium was and much of the criteria for it was based on how good the pressbox facilities were.

We as fans who love the game (although I wonder about some at this site) can't count on the conventional media for positive stories (not that that is their job). It is up to us to spread the gospel and I'm glad some of you are helping greatly by contributing to this thread.

I didn't, so thanks again. As a former marketer ( a hundred years ago) it is interesting to see some of the product synergies.

Think about who eats cereal, what do they do when eating cereal (they look at the box). Who eats potato chips? Do more older or younger people eat potato chips? All interesting stuff.