the CFL does not want an All-West Grey Cup

I think that it would be a nightmare ratings wise across the country if somehow it was BC/CGY/SASK vs Edm in the 2012 Grey Cup..

nobody east of Saskatchewan would care to watch it as there is no Eastern Representative..

a lot of the classic CFL fans would be turned off by it.

and this would be a disaster for the CFL in all ways possible.

That would require my argos to implode further than they already have, the bombers to stop playing the good football they did last week vs the argos, and the tigercats to continue doing their usual, and montreal to not show up at all.

I think there will be an eastern team there this year, not sure who yet. I would love my argos to finally pull together and play some damn football... but i don't think that will happen.

I have my doubts that an all west Grey Cup would be such a bad thing for the CFL. I think if you were going to watch the Grey Cup, you were going to watch it anyway, I can't imagine too many people saying, oh well no East team is in I am not going to watch. 3 out of 4 East teams are always not in the cup, doesn't mean that people don't watch it.

I would like to know how you can just state that "The CFL does not want this" without putting any actual stats, or proof behind this? Do you speak for the CFL now?

It's about TV ratings more than anything else. Last year's Grey Cup ratings were way down on RDS because Montreal got knocked out. A Winnipeg/BC game was good ratings but not great. A Calgary/Edmonton Grey Cup might be good for Alberta but not good for TV ratings.

I'm east of Saskatchewan and I would watch it. :roll:

You know what's worse then an all-West Grey Cup?

A Grey Cup that's a one sided blowout because a charity case team from the East was put in.

The CFL should want to put on a showcase of the best football they can. Anything else is secondary.

Just curious, when was the last "Blow out" GC with a "charity case team from the east"?

Tridus wrote:

You know what's worse then an all-West Grey Cup?

A Grey Cup that's a one sided blowout because a charity case team from the East was put in.
I can't think of any eastern team that fits your description... Were you thinking of one or making a hypothetical statement? :wink:

well Alberta and Saskatchewan would most definitely watch a Game between Saskatchewan and Edmonton or Calgary... it's just in their nature.

but i'm pretty certain that the largest populated areas, Ontario and Quebec wouldn't really care.

clifsthebest wrote:

but i'm pretty certain that the largest populated areas, Ontario and Quebec wouldn't really care.
I'd enjoy watching the game. And if the Riders lost, I'd enjoy reading the posts about the bad officiating too. :wink:

This is such a weird topic. You never hear NFL fans saying they should change their playoff because the NFC is stronger than the AFC (often is). Or NHL fans want to change their format to see Dallas vs Detroit or Pittsburg vs New Jersey or MLB fans complain because the Yankees can't play...

The Grey Cup is played this way since before the invention of television. Its not about the two best teams, its never been about that. Its about a National celbration of our game.

Its like that for all games, look at the TV attendance, they were posted yesterday. I am pretty certain there would be less people in the stands if the GC is held in Saskatchewan instead of the BigO. It is what it is.

I'm all for an all west Grey cup if it should happen to occur. Let the chips fall
as they will. :rockin:

ok. here's something I'm going to tell you, please accept this.

if Regina could have a 60,000 seat stadium for a Grey Cup.. i'm pretty sure that they'd be able to sell every seat.

I would definitely watch it. 2 of my fav teams for Sask and BC... (even though i'm a TO boy)

besides... the eastern provinces NEVER show interest in something just because it's an eastern city. the rivalries here are way too strong. Montreal and Ottawa can go SUCK IT ! as far as i'm concerned... :wink:

Exactly and there is nothing we can do about that. Same for the league and who plays in the GC. It is what it is. To say damn if we played every GC at the BigO we'd have 68 000 people watching instead of 40 000... but that's not how things work.

Oh, just hypothetical based on this silly notion that the league is rooting for certain teams. Montreal will be there, and they're not a charity case. :slight_smile:

I am going to watch it regardless of whose in it... I have my ticket in hand as of yesterday... thanks purolator!

First, you seem to make an assumption that it will be Edmonton crossing over, last time I checked, the Eskimos can still pass the Riders and as all of Saskatchewan knows, the refs hate Saskatchewan and will do everything in their power to make sure the Rider lose.

Deep down inside, all true Canadians are hoping for an Edmonton/Calgary Grey Cup. I will guarantee that an All Alberta Grey Cup will set an all time record in viewers. (disclaimer - Whatsoever the end match up is, I will guarantee that the 100th Grey Cup will set an all time record for viewers.)

sure they could.. if Montreal and Calgary decide to lay down and play dead. that's the only way it's going to happen.

and the Riders won't lose both of their last two games. so your team is likely the cross over, assuming Winnipeg or Hamilton don't win both their games as well....