The CFL Cheerleader Pics Thread

Which CFL team routinely has the best looking Cheerleaders?

Strengthen your argument, by providing as much visual evidence as humanly possible.

They all look incredibly fit. I wish them all a fun year!

Seems like an excuse to show women looking provocative

Do cheerleaders other than the "Felions" have a nickname?

Looks like the Redblacks cheers need a shoe deal :wink:

...the Calgary cheerleaders are known as the Outriders...if you've ever seen chuckwagon races this is the name of the four riders that accompany their wagon around the race track...

why do they do that

That's actually kind of a cool name. Makes 'em sound badass :lol:

Montréal: Hens
Toronto: Argonettes
Hamilton: Ti-Kittens

I've got nothing for Ottawa, Edmonton, Saskatchewan or Winnipeg.

The Bombers cheerleaders are now called The Blue Bomber Cheer Team. :roll:

This is really one of those “which type of chocolate do you prefer” questions right?

I can say that from chatting with several of the Argo cheerleaders over the past few years, they are all very good ambassadors for the team.
I would guess that the same applies to the cheerleaders for the other CFL teams. :thup:

Just a little shout out to the Ti-GALS :smiley: OSKI-WEE-WEE :rockin: :thup: :cowboy:

...I'm assuming your asking what the role of the Outriders are in the race? (firstly, I need to clarify something. above I noted four outriders accompanied each wagon. This is the traditional number. In 2011 the Stampede Rangeland Derby officially reduced the number to two to address what was perceived as unsafe conditions from overcrowding. you'll see the reduced crew in the video I posted below)

...The initial role of the Outriders are twofold. The first is to hold the team steady at their starting barrel until the horn sounds, the second is to throw your tent poles and camp-stove into the back of the wagon. Once the wagon has cleared the figure-eight then the Outriders race to catch up to their wagon. if an Outrider is too far behind his wagon (5 seconds IIRC) when it crosses the finish line the wagon gets a time penalty. The drivers wear a colour coded windbreaker and their Outriders have the same colour on so the officials can tell which rider is with which wagon...

I'm not sure how much fun or not I can have here but I think I'll pass because I'd probably screw it up and offend too many with examples of "good" nicknames and "bad" nicknames for each team's cheerleaders of those that don't have official nicknames.

And Winnipeg c'mon you can do better. Even Bomberettes could work.


Good grief, fellas. You guys are terrible at this. :stuck_out_tongue:
(bobo excluded)

All right. I'll start chipping away at it, for ya. :cowboy:

East to West, starting with a tribute to my avi. Because... why not? :smiley:

Pretty cool that the Schooners actually have cheerleaders, even if only three.

Helps in a thread like this to have pics to share. I sadly have none :frowning:

Oh. Well why didn't you say so? I don't mind helpin' a fella out. 8)

[url=] ... 62&bih=687[/url]

Yep... and in this day of biologically wired...

Argonauts Cheerleaders Photo Gallery:

Hey if sharing OP's pics is ok why didn't you say so? :smiley:

At the 100th Grey Cup....The Cheerleader Parade :slight_smile: